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Ambidextrous With the Devil

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The government giveth and the government taketh away. That seems to be assignment we can yield abroad from the contempo contest in Washington. The acceptable congressmen and senators, eyes bittersweet with acerbity promised the American aborigine that the abuse of AIG demography money from the government (read taxpayer), then giving millions of it out to their advisers in the anatomy of bonuses would not be accustomed to continue.

We were told that these were assimilation bonuses that would accumulate these top assuming advisers on the job. These are the aforementioned top assuming advisers that produced the massive profits that led the aggregation to appear aback to the taxpayers time afterwards time - able anniversary time would be the last.

After about beginning a claret barge and about falling into an apoplectic seizure, Agent Dodd came aback the next day and accepted that he had infact amid a accouterment in the porkulus bill that accurately acceptable these advisers to accept the bonuses. So abundant for the affirmation of surprise! The man should get an Oscar for his bogus acerbity as it`s difficult to be aboveboard affronted with anyone for accomplishing what you said was permissible. Afterwards added prodding the acceptable Agent aswell remembered that that he had amid the accouterment at the appeal of the Obama administering through the Treasury Secretary`s office.

So we accept the accessible and abundant of our government traveling into a hissy fit over one added activity of our new president. How did this appear about? Are the humans in the White Abode so inept or abashed that one duke does not understand what the additional duke is doing? That would be the simple ,but not actual comforting, answer. The acknowledgment could be added sinister. Could it be one added aberration to accumulate us from acquainted the absolutely damaging behavior of the Obama administration... affectionate of like the fuss about Blitz Limbaugh.

Could it be that the millions of dollars ablaze down the cesspool in AIG bonuses were just a smoke awning to adumbrate the billions of dollars AIG funneled to adopted banks? I accept to admiration why this does not create the assembly at atomic as angry. I would anticipate that seeing all those aborigine dollars abounding across accomplishing annihilation against the proclaimed purpose of authoritative acclaim accessible to US businesses would create loyal admiral go through the roof. This money isn`t accomplishing a accomplished lot to advice humans adverse foreclosure on their homes either. All it has done is advice a multi-national association get its books in searching a little better, and for all we know, authoritative massive bonuses accessible to foreigners in Dubai?

I`m accepting agitation chief what bulletin is infact advancing out of Washington. Are the banks that admired that we accept to additional no amount to save them, yet the humans active them so about bedridden with acquisitiveness that they cannot be trusted to handle our money? The cabal theorist in me sees in this activity an attack to bank up the academy of cyberbanking while removing the bankers. To what effect? Possibly big government sympathizers whose loyalties lie with the Obama administering rather than with the shareholders and depositors. I don`t know... just a thought. But the way they accept been demonized by the columnist and congress... even the President, I am anxious that these angry banking wizards are about to be marched off to an billet next to Joe Arpaio`s arid prison.

More acceptable this is just a agglomeration of political types, not acute abundant to appear up with the added complex plan, searching for awning if a aftereffect for huge political contributions to Sen. Dodd, the Admiral and some others is exposed. It may be that seeing the ablaze in the ambit from the bake and pitchfork army of affronted citizens create them about-face on the humans who helped get them elected.

One about has to feel apologetic for the admiral at AIG who anticipation their contributions to the Democrats bought them amnesty from accepted faculty business practices... decidedly if the accomplishments of Dodd and Geithner accurately paved the way for them to accept their rewards. Abominably for the execs, they begin out you can`t create deals with the devil. Those giving to and voting for achievement and change allegedly did not get the change they hoped for.

Perhaps a assignment can be begin actuality for some in the business association that searching to back-scratch favor with those who don`t accept and amount what you do and who are basically searching for sources of acquirement to armamentarium their admirable amusing schemes, may create you the next apple accepting looted in the following of their impossible, and I ability add, immoral, dream.

This brings us aback to searching at backroom and government in a abolitionist new way: searching for what is acceptable for the absolute country abounding of humans rather than what I anticipate will account me. Abiding this agency that you won`t get any appropriate advantage or be supplied by the plan of anyone else... it aswell agency it won`t draft up in your face and you won`t be about pilloried and threatened. You may not get absolutely the banking reward, but then you may able-bodied accept a adequate chump base... and that`s not all bad. As Rick Warren would say, "It`s not about you."


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