Rap Battles by 40 Something Alive Folk?

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Sure, the two year old archetype of Civic Geographic was interesting, but annihilation could analyze to the arena that was about to go down in my physician`s cat-and-mouse room.

Gary, a average age pharm rep and an appointment favorite, was acquisition his things in the cat-and-mouse allowance if a battling rep entered the room.

"Hi, I`m Ken Lewis from Pharmcorp, Dr. Rosenblatt is assured me." The agent slid accessible the bottle partition, "Ken, accept a seat, he`s finishing up with a patient." Ken`s ample physique angled into the old gray chair. He let out a beef as he struggled to ability for the Humans annual on the table, if he was approached.

Gary, acutely threatened, shouted, "Hey Ken, you can leave now, I`ve got Dr. Rosenblatt covered. Why don`t you arch down to the chargeless dispensary and canvass your applesauce there." he sneered. Ken alone the annual and stood up. Allegedly the agent had apparent this appear afore and shouted to the aback office, "RAP BATTLE!" Alofasudden humans from all over the appointment had abounding the cat-and-mouse allowance and belted these two alley warriors.

Gary had been to this ball afore and new the procedure, "You`re up rookie. Let`s see what you got." Ken took a abysmal breath, rubbed his adenoids with his deride and started in:

"Yo Gary, you`re drugs are so anemic they forward me into rages,

most of your being never makes it out of appearance II stages,

You drive a Taurus couldcause of your company`s bankrupt down wages!"

"Ohhhhhhhh," the aged army shouted. This guy was no rookie, Gary thought. He eyed his adversary and started pacing aback and forth. "Don`t let him boldness you like that, Gary," yelled Gladys, an 80 something glaucoma accommodating who anticipation she was at a boxcar action about 1940.

"Ok Ken, I apprehend what you`re what sayin` but your R&D is weak,

90% of ya`ll drugs accept now become antique!

None of these doctors even wanna see ya,


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