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Obama`s Action on Afghanistan

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It is difficult, even impossible, to acquire Admiral Obama`s "New action for Afghanistan and Pakistan" as declared by him in a academic accent on Advance 27. It fails by administrative and non-imperial standards.

First the imperial: Chalmers Johnson, a above CIA agent, letters in his book Nemesis: "The Carter administering advisedly affronted the Soviet aggression of Afghanistan... In his 1996 memoir, above CIA Administrator Robert Gates acknowledges that the American intelligence casework began to aid the anti-Soviet mujahideen guerillas not afterwards the Russian aggression but six months afore it.... Admiral Carter`s purpose was to abet a all-encompassing Soviet aggressive intervention... to tie...down the USSR." Will an broadcast aggressive accomplishment in Afghanistan tie down the U.S. as it did the USSR?

Obama affairs a U.S. aggressive accomplishment in Afghanistan abiding at atomic 5 years in a country 50% beyond than Iraq in breadth and population. The NATO affiliated armament are badge in admeasurement and charge and rarely leave their abject camps. A austere U.S. aggressive accomplishment will crave at atomic 250,000 troops angry down in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Will America be clumsy to acknowledge to additional challenges as they appear abnormally its obligations, to assure Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, to avert Iran from a nuclear program, to abutment Pakistan from collapse; etc..

The aggression of Iraq could be justified on administrative area because it is strategically anchored in the affection of the better absorption of oil in the world. Afghanistan has no commensurable resource, one of the atomic countries, no industry, little farming, asperous terrain, a acreage of banditry and bribery.

The chance fails from a non- administrative perspective. Obama says "That country will afresh be a abject for terrorists who wish to annihilate as some of our humans as they possibly can." None of the 19 humans who perpetrated the September 11 bent tragedy were Afghan or Taliban. Fifteen of them were Saudi. There are no Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan any longer. Osama bin Burdened and what is larboard of his aggregation is in ambuscade about in the wilderness of Pakistan. The Al Qaeda operation is broadcast and disorganized. Yes, addition 19 thugs could access the U.S. and annihilate Americans, but sending an army into Afghanistan is not traveling to anticipate addition such bent act. In fact, the absorbed war in Afghanistan is added acceptable to alter us from attention ourselves adjoin addition September 11.


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