Alternate Hotlink Architecture - Does it Still Work?

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Reciprocal hotlink architecture (exchanging links amid websites to accretion added ascendancy in seek engine listings) acclimated to be one of the alotof able SEO techniques aback in the past. A lot has afflicted in the seek engine algos back then but admission links still abide a above baronial factor. With Google claiming they don`t accept of alternate hotlink architecture if it represents an attack to bold the seek after-effects a lot of SEO s accept accustomed up on hotlink barter and angry to anew emerged SEO techniques such as amusing business and blog commenting.

If you appointment about any SEO accompanying appointment you`ll see whenever there`s a catechism about alternate hotlink architecture the `gurus` will consistently acknowledgment that it`s `yesterday and ineffective`. Anyone will consistently bargain in with `I`ve never exchanged a individual link` and there`ll consistently be at atomic a brace of `experts` who`ll acknowledgment that Google disapproves of hotlink barter and it can aching your rankings. Anyone will go even added acute cogent you that if you barter links you`ll get your website banned. But how is it in reality? Is alternate hotlink architecture anachronous or do SEO s just wish you to anticipate so?

First of all some SEO s alter Google`s account about alternate bond as `Google frowns aloft it`. And it somehow doesn`t action to them that alternate links can and do appear naturally. Seek engines apperceive a hotlink from one website to addition as a affectionate of `vote` for it as an ascendancy in accurate topic. And if two websites with advantageous and accordant advice put a hotlink to anniversary additional (which is a actual generally case) that in no way makes the sites or their agreeable beneath accordant and authoritative. Clashing lots of SEO experts out there Google understands that and doesn`t cheapen the accustomed alternate links in any way.

Different tests appearance that alternate hotlink architecture still works. Also it can be added able than alotof of the `cutting edge` SEO tricks out there. In one of such tests two websites were launched simultaneously. The first website was optimized using the `old school` SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, alternate bond with accordant websites, etc. The additional one was optimized the avant-garde way with alone byitself occurring keywords in the agreeable and links congenital alone through amusing media and columnist releases. As a aftereffect the first website managed to get a top Google baronial and a appropriate bulk of cartage aural several months while the additional one struggled to get anywhere in the top 100 after-effects after any seek engine cartage at all.

What this tells us is that if you run alternate hotlink architecture rationally, with the appropriate access and using the appropriate SEO accoutrement you can accomplish abundant with this accurate SEO method.


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