How Are Humans Applying the Accepted Law of Attraction?

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So some humans were aflame and abounding with achievement afterwards seeing the cine "The Secret" alone to become blah after on, if they begin the accepted law of allure just wasn`t alive for them. Why is it that it seems to plan for some humans all the time but for alotof of us, its elusive?

First, let`s yield a move aback and see how humans are applying the accepted law of attraction. For answers, I angry to a contempo analysis conducted on account of Bob Proctor, one of the "stars" of the cine The Secret. Bob has been belief and applying the law for about 45 years.

What they begin wasn`t absolutely all that surprising. Out of added than 7,000 humans surveyed, the top 3 uses for "The Secret" were appear as:

- Convalescent health

- Developing added affectionate relationships or award a soulmate


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