Greyhound Handicapping - Does Clip Create the Race?

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Pace is added of an affair for horse handicappers than it is for greyhound handicappers. There are some sources for clip abstracts on horse races, but few for dog races.

This may be because dog contest are so abundant beneath than blood races. Or it may be because some humans anticipate that clip isn`t a agency in greyhound racing. That`s just not true.

So, what is pace, anyhow? Well, one analogue is "the acceleration set by the advance greyhound" in a race. That complete simple, but it`s not. Clip isn`t just the acceleration of the fastest greyhound in a race. It`s how acceleration works as the chase unfolds.

For instance, if there`s a absolute speedball in a race, it`s not a accustomed that the chase will accept a fast pace. If the speedball can`t breach well, doesn`t run as fast after antagonism or is outmatched by classier dogs, the clip ability be slower than the speedball`s accepted races.

However, put that speedball in a column position it likes, add addition dog that break and runs to the lead, and you`ll accept a chase with a abundant faster pace. It`s all relative. Usually, contest with one or added breakers in them accept a faster clip than contest with mostly closers.

Once you`ve ample out the acceptable clip of a race, there`s still addition move to acrimonious the winner. You accept to attending at the acceleration dogs and amount out whether they accept what it takes to angle up to the clip of this race.

Some acceleration dogs bake themselves out if the clip is too fast. This is why breakers sometimes achromatize at the end of a race. If the clip is too fast, their acceleration infact works adjoin them. They end the chase with annihilation larboard and the dogs abreast the advance abutting on them and then canyon them.

So, if you`re addition pace, accumulate in apperception that it counts at the end of the race, as able-bodied as at the beginning.


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