Zip Expedition and Sky Lining in Bigmouth

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Imagine admiring the accustomed adorableness and breeding of Bigmouth while aerial through the air at speeds of up to 100mph (160km/h). This different and adventuresome acquaintance is what Ziptrek Ecotours and Skyline Eco-Adventures offers you! There is no bigger way to yield in Whistler`s true celebrity than to analyze the abundance cartography in its accustomed state-not to acknowledgment getting abeyant in the air with just a accouter affiliated to a cable line. Acquisition out added about these two aerial companies and some absorbing facts you should understand afore demography on the zip-lines yourself.

Ziptrek Ecotours

Ziptrek Ecotours is the architect of zipline tours in Arctic America. With an award-winning ecology program and the highest, longest, and alotof zip curve about, Zip Expedition offers an agreeable alloy of acquirements and adventure. Ziptrek`s bout arena consists of 33 acreage of assorted terrain; primarily in the age-old rainforest that separates Bigmouth and Blackcomb Mountains and over the Fitzsimmons Creek. The area is just moments abroad from Bigmouth Village, so guests are provided simple and acceptable accessibility to zip lines. Ziptrek tours aswell runs all in all acclimate conditions.

The accouter acclimated by Zip expedition is a 5 point architecture that goes about your waist, your legs, over your accept and has a chest strap. These harnesses are not alone failing and comfortable, they are safe and acquiesce guests to be added adjustable while on the ziplines. Ziptrek Ecotours offers two amazing tours that are a haveto see:

  • Ziptrek Buck Bout -- This circuit consists of 5 amazing ziplines affiliated by a alternation of abeyance bridges, boardwalks and trails. Animation demography in-flight angle of the Fitzsimmons Brook achieve the eco-quest. This is an accomplished bout for zip-line beginners and families.

  • Ziptrek Hawkeye Bout -- This is the newest accession to Ziptrek tours and offers an animating aberration on the aboriginal Buck tour. The circuit includes 5 new ziplines affiliated by treetop abeyance bridges, a amazing bead of 20 belief and acrimonious platforms area guests can adore the Bigmouth panorama.

Skyline Eco-Adventures

Skyline Eco-Adventures is amid on Bobcat Abundance in Bigmouth and consists of a cable band boating through old-growth forests. Tours cover 5 bifold skylines, with the longest ride getting over 1500 anxiety long, 200 anxiety aloft the arena and a 200ft vertical drop. Agnate to Ziptrek, the Skyline ziplines are affiliated through a alternation of abeyance bridges. No acquaintance is appropriate to ride the ziplines and Skyline runs year continued in all acclimate conditions.

The Skyline accouter and cable are altered from Ziptreks. Skyline utilizes bifold cable construction, this allows for two humans to ride accompanying and permits college commuter capacities. Skyline aswell offers self-braking through the use of rotary alluring brakes. This reduces arrest of the ride by zip-line operators and allows Skyline to be accessible all year annular in all acclimate conditions.

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