Zambian Cultural Ancestry - The Lwiindi Gonde Acceptable Commemoration

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The Lwiindi Gonde Commemoration is the capital Tonga commemoration and is captivated in the South West of Monze boondocks on the endure Sunday of June. It is a acceptable commemoration abounding with music, active ball and prayer. `Gonde` agency blubbery backcountry and this is the abode area the shrines of the Tonga humans are. It is the abode area the first anytime Arch Monze vanished - attitude says that he did not die. Gonde became the burying abode for all chiefs although alone two are infact active there.

The Shrines and rituals

Two huts are congenital on the graves of the angelic Tonga chiefs Monze Mayaba and Monze Nchete Lilya Mabwe. The shrines are looked afterwards by the Baleya association of the Tonga people. It is the Baleya people, dressed in atramentous who advance the crowds to the shrines and backpack out assorted rituals during the ceremony. Rules for the shrines accompaniment that anyone visiting the altar haveto be apple-pie of apperception and physique and haveto not accept had sex the night afore and women are not acceptable to appointment the shrines during their menstrual period. All visitors to the altar haveto abolish their socks and shoes out of account and both men and women haveto sit with their legs continued out in foreground of them with one leg beyond over the other.

On Monze Nchete Lilya Mabwe`s grave there is a aqueduct acclimated for smoker tobacco. Tobacco is brindled on this altar consistently in adjustment to amuse Monze Nchete Lilya Mabwe`s who was a smoker. Beer is brewed actuality and then caked into adobe pots. A atramentous goat, craven or cow is collapsed every time rain is prayed for. Anniversary time it is broiled and eaten after the use of salt. It is said that in October smoke would be apparent on the Siiwili Hills if acceptable rains would abatement for the season. Busy adobe pots and altar can be begin actuality back these are larboard area they lie anniversary time a ritual is agitated out.

The ascendant Arch Monze celebrates the Lwiindi Gonde Commemoration by bistro the first meal of the new season`s harvest. Acceptable songs are articulate to acclaim the first Arch Monze, Mukulukulu, a Arch who the bounded humans accept sends the rains. Arch Mukulukulu is believed to be the first arms and a trusted adviser and herbalist.

He is believed to accept predicted the advancing of the white man and if he did come, the humans asked the Arch to accept amid a ammo and a cob of maize. Wisely he chose the cob of maize because he adopted to acreage and hated war. He brash his humans adjoin war and told them to abound added maize to abate ache so there was beneath to action about.

The dances

The day of the commemoration is a active anniversary of dance. The Plateau Tonga accomplish the Kalyaba, a actual airy ball performed with the complete of just two drums.

The Basin Tonga put on a warrior like affectation with the Budima dance. It is performed by acceptable soldiers who jump top in the air while alarming trumpets, shouting chants and captivation continued spears whilst a ample boom is thumped in the arena. It is the Budima ball which the accepted Arch Monze enters the capital amphitheatre to. This ball is aswell acclimated to drive beasts in the bush.

There is aswell a ball performed by both old and adolescent women who are adorned with blubbery bean necklaces and white bean strings on their arms. The ball is energetic, amorous and agog and one can see the abutting accord amid the adolescent women and their earlier changeable mentors. This is aswell a ball performed at alliance admission ceremonies.

There is a Tonga saying: "Chiefs may die and be replaced, but the ability cannot die and it will abide the same. Canyon it on to your children". It is a able adage that is abutting to the amount of the Tonga attitude that is played out actuality at the Lwiindi Gonde ceremony.

This commemoration attracts some top powered humans in Zambia including adopted politicians, acceptable authorities and hundreds of humans from aural and above the province.

This commodity is aggressive by the book `Ceremony! Adulatory Zambia`s Cultural Heritage`. It`s aces and a visually adorable book which I would animate you to get. I got abundance from ZAIN in Lusaka, Zambia. It is appear by Celtel Zambia PLC and Seka. Aboriginal photography, Francois d`Elbee. Analogous author, Tamara Guhrs. Editor, Mulunga Kapwepwe. Accidental authors, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Assistant Mapopa Mtonga, Mulenga Kapwepwe, Isaac Smogy Kapinga, Miranda Guhrs, Msatero Tembo, Matiya Ngalande and Joseph Chikuta.

Zambia encourages visitors to attestant its acceptable ceremonies.


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