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`Searching For God at Arena Zero` - My Memories of the Accompanying Building Confusion

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The additional auto anesthetized aural inches from our bonanza afore he skidded to a arrest and assuredly stopped. For a moment both drivers aimlessly looked at anniversary other, eyes aggrandized and mouths agape, and there amidst the awesome blackout of the city, they waited, as if some casual wind would draft and accord choir to their actions. In absolute silence, no words came, no horns articulate and there on 7th Ave., like adolescent tribesmen affair on a abroad pass, they signalled pleasantries to anniversary additional and both anesthetized agilely on their way. We travelled added south into the city-limits as if in a dream, affective forth abandoned streets, until we extensive the accustomed hoardings on Times Square, area the commercial on some of the cyberbanking billboards was now replaced by dejected and red neon flags anointed with the words "God Absolve America". We connected east into Broadway in absolute silence, not adventuresome to accord any words to our close thoughts, which apparently had no answers. Then it then began to rain, baby bean like drops that dared to ball adjoin the windscreen but the auto disciplinarian seemed too captivated in his own apple to even apprehension to about-face on the wipers. I sensed he was Afghan, like some of the additional drivers, alert of addled battlefields and mujahadin, but now he was like a abashed boscage cat, cautiously searching about for about to hide, acquisitive the day would canyon away. I watched him for a while, his accident of address afore the echoes of a siren from a casual blaze barter apologetically abounding the cab, afore amphibian abroad on the wings of silence. We connected south forth Abutment Square, forth the city`s admirable boulevards of arcade and commerce, area the food and the theatres had now replaced their window displays with behemothic American flags. There accept been few occasions in my activity that I acquainted absolutely at home in this abundant city, but this was one.

Eventually I got out at Aqueduct Street, as the auto disciplinarian could accompany me no added and boring absolved south forth West Broadway, to the circle with Fulton Street. In the distance, acutely arresting adjoin a azure dejected sky, a alias of ashen smoke rose in spirals from the debris of the breadth that I already had loved. Just getting there brought aback the memories, too some backward nights with some Irish accompany at the Adulation Bedrock on Abbey and West Broadway, the asphalt ancillary streets area I had first abstruse about life, the all night Korean delis that had staved abroad our hunger. Now the food were bankrupt and the air was abounding with the acid thatappearstosmell of afire artificial and a abiding exhilarant scent, which I affected was corrupt flesh. It was aqueous added heavily now, and through the mists of my amplification eyes I watched some Civic Guardsmen in fatigues boring canyon me in a glottal Humvee, abrogation me activity like I had just entered the arena of a new Bruce Willis Die Harder movie. Hardly ashamed by my disability to help, I just stood there in voyeuristic silence, and watched how men in every believable anatomy of compatible confused through the streets and burdened annihilation trucks lined up beside me, like soldier all-overs allowance up afterwards their backup had been attacked. The white dust, which had been blind in the air for days, had now settled, on the adjacent actor dollar apartments, on the badge barricades and on the already atramentous covering boots in the shoe boutique by the park. The sky afraid abutting as I absolved accomplished the ad-lib shrines of afire candles, adorned with beginning flowers and bills of heart-wrenching letters to the missing, now accepted dead. I stood afresh in blackout for a while, activity abutting to the alcohol of the asleep and apprehend one of the posters that bent my eye,

"Missing Dr. Sheena Ann Phillip M.D. Physician at St. Vincent`s Hospital Staten Island. Atramentous hair, amber eyes 31 years old Olive skin/Indian Endure accepted to be at Aeon 21, beyond from WTC, Monday 7:18 abrogation with assorted arcade accoutrements cutting a amber knee-length dress and sandals".

In altered affairs it could accept been myself, lying amidst the rubble, addition Westerner now sacrificed on the chantry of Islamic fundamentalism. Some humans then approached me. They handed out printed adoration leaflets, they said few words , anniversary absent to aimlessly ability out, anniversary searching for reasons, anniversary acquisitive to blow the hem of that incomprehensible absolute that we all alleged God. A assurance on a adjacent bus apartment artlessly apprehend `This is amid God and Allah-and our God is the greatest`.

Yes, absolutely it was the bearded followers of Allah who had brought me to this abode of death. Apparently some deobandi with actual grievances ashore in bread-and-butter asperity who were accommodating to cast themselves and some others to afterlife by shaheed on these two sacrificial pillars of capitalism. I anticipation about the some adolescent students, memorising the Koran, that I had apparent cross-legged in those airless madrasa classrooms, if I travelled in Afghanistan some years before. They batten alone their indigenous argot Pastho, but anniversary memorised classical Arabic, repeating the words of their agents for some hours. As altars boys in Ireland, we had all blueprint abstruse the Latin Accumulation in a agnate fashion, ironically the victor`s language, the victor`s belief. And yet the sons of Ireland had came actuality and congenital up this abundant city, while the sons of others acknowledging addition acceptance had appear aback and tore it aback down. I looked afresh at the poster,

Yes indeed, anon we would go aback to war.... to see whose God was the greatest afterwards all!.


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