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Titanic Tragedy Ends - Air France Flight AF 447 Begins

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Some time s the account is abounding with agitative or adorning stories. As a survivor of the Andria Doria shipwreck, two contempo belief affected me-Millvina Administrator and Air France flight AF 447.

Millvina Dean, the endure active survivor of the Titanic, died May 31, 2009 at 97 years of age. Ironically, it was ninety-eight years to the day of the Titanic`s launch. Conceivably it was coincidence. Or conceivably Millvina capital to accord admiration one endure time to those who absent their lives on her beginning voyage, including her own father; but either way, her afterlife brings to a abutting the endure active section of Titanic history.

I never had the amusement of alive Millvina Dean, but allegedly her adaptation of the biconcave of the Titanic was not wasted. An Associated Columnist commodity by Meera Selva and Jill Anarchic letters that biographer Don Mullan was affected by her friendship:"[She was] one of the alotof admirable animal beings that I any time met. Her abstruse for a blessed activity was a faculty of amusement and a affectionate affection and that`s what you accomplished if you met Millvina." I am abiding some humans accomplished her admirable spirit.

Over the accomplished few years, Millvina was affected to advertise Titanic memorabilia in adjustment to pay her nursing home bills. I achievement those humans now in control of Ms. Dean`s items will abundance them, while canonizing the adverse accident of lives and at atomic one amazing body who survived to create a absolute appulse on the world. May you blow in peace, Millvina. The amphibian apple will absence you.

As the Titanic tragedy comes to a close, addition unfolds over the Atlantic-only this time it is a even and not a ship.

It was appear this morning that Air France flight AF 447 had abolished from the air and was accepted comatose off the bank of Brazil on its way to Paris. With 228 humans on lath and a flight position top over the Atlantic Ocean, the possibilities do not arise top for a abundant outcome.

Thus far, admiral affirmation there is no acquaintance from the plane, including the beep usually accustomed from "the little atramentous box." There was no ache alarm from the crew, no accepted buzz calls from afraid passengers-nothing. The alone adumbration there may accept been a problem was an automated bulletin accustomed by cartage ascendancy advertence an "electrical ambit malfunction," but alotof experts do not accept this would accept been austere abundant to yield down the plane.

As I was account account onlinewriting about this event, I noticed some of the comments getting acquaint by internet readers. One admirer asked a abundant question, apprehensive if planes are able with EPIRB accessories to create them easier to locate. Anyone can acquirement an EPIRB for a baiter for beneath than $300, so do planes accept agnate accessories accessible or required? If not, I would ask why not! It seems this claim would break the problem of analysis a downed even in the water. Maybe there are analytic causes why this would not work, but to my mind, it seems a simple band-aid to a circuitous problem.

Clearly, some questions still is about this event: Did the even infact crash? Are there any survivors? Did they acreage in the water? The questions go on. This ambush survivor knows the ability of the ocean and the abhorrence it can instill. My prayers are with anybody aboard Air France flight AF 447, as able-bodied as their families. If there are survivors, I adjure they are safe and that accomplishment teams acquisition them soon. In the meantime, I adjure for peaceful seas and able bodies and hearts.


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