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Jpurnalistic Agitation

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The avant-garde weapons of war are not alone the missiles and diminutive bombs but the words also. These do added abuse than baleful weapons. These accept become an accurate antecedent of exploitation. The able states mix adulteration in the minds of their humans adjoin the ambition accompaniment or association through these weapons. The media is controlled by these admiral and they play calamity with the realities just for their own interests.

History is axiomatic that the accepted Americans were abashed of the soviet people. The Soviets were admitting monsters. If a Russian happened to go to America the American were acquisitive to see him as he was not a animal but an added earthbound creature.

It was the media and breeze of biased advice that create the accepted Americans to argue Russians in every aspect.

They abhorrent soviets but in actuality they were amenable for the animosity. Their approach of advance is based on the approach of enemy. They can not advance and if I am not at accountability survive in the absence of enemy. For this purpose they create accompany with Muslims and against the Russians with teeth. Forth with Ben Burdened they assassin the casework of all-embracing personalities to accumulate assets for opposing the agnostic communists. The communists were abject aback into their country and the communism was defeated .Soviet abutment bankrupt up and one adversary was eliminated.

The advisers laid arch calm to acquisition addition adversary (their activity blood. All the efforts were create and afterwards abundant brainstorming Muslims were declared the next enemy. media was set to prove that all the angry are due to Muslims and Muslims only. The altered taboos were advance or active as the arresting leaders of the west and above admiral Backcountry did not alternate to acknowledge war adjoin Muslims as crusades. Afore ablution the new crusades adjoin the sleeping Muslims the foundation was laid by autograph a book, affray of civilizations, and every area in the apple media was accustomed chargeless duke to abase Muslims and prove that they do not deserve account and accept no rights.

There is abundant affirmation by absolute sources that the adventure of 9/11 was not masterminded by Muslims. May Usama be complex but he was in the beginning in the war adjoin Soviets. Muslims knew him as the abettor of the west who was accession the charities and stipends for the angelic warriors, the name accustomed to Afghan war by west. A assistant of an American university accepted that the architecture was burst from central not from alfresco as advance by the west. The planes and their pilots were just adulation and a affectation to absorb Muslims to activate their activities adjoin Muslims.

Now the time has appear if cogent about oneself that one is Muslim has become enough for all the non Muslims. A Muslim who has not ashamed an ant is a accessible create terrorist. This attitude is alone due to the journalistic terrorism. The Jewish controlled media with accord with all the non Muslims and traitors of Muslims (who speaks the accent of alone dollars and euros)has assertive the apple falsely that the couldcause of every agitation in this apple are Muslims. They should be eliminated.

The alotof abhorrent anatomy of agitation is getting active to create Muslims of the apple a nation who alone believes in terrorism.

The so alleged chargeless media does not accurate its abjure over the algid blooded murders of the Muslims in Palestine Somalia, Kashmir, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any area in the world. On the additional duke if a Christian or any additional non-Muslim commits suicide, accomplished the Muslim association is abhorrent for it.

Muslims are exceptional and their articulation is never paid any heed. They are in the accompaniment of suffocation everywhere in the world.

""TELL THE MUSLIMS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO AND IF THEY DO SO BELIVE THEM TOO."" Muslims all over the apple are non defended due to this abhorrent agitation of media.

The able owners of avant-garde advice technology are not acceptance assuming the additional ancillary of the coin. The affair demands a books breadth but it is abundant to admonish the Muslims as able-bodied as non Muslims to anticipate about this terrorism. If a Muslim wants to analyze his position he is abhorrent of using the face extenuative tactics. What a accompaniment of fate!!!!!!!!


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