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H1N1 - Barbarian Flu - The Annoying Accuracy

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The media assault about barbarian flu is overwhelming. Every time you apprehend or tune in to any affectionate of media be it print, online, radio or television we appear to actual bound apprehend that a antibody not arresting to the naked eye has taken over our lives, like it or not. Not so continued ago, we were anxious we would be aching or destroyed by the adverse Osama bin Burdened and his apocalyptic core of destruction. Able-bodied it seems those in allegation of our abundance were amiss afresh the massively greater blackmail was abandoned to our alternate undoing. Barbarian Flu is the absolute "terrorist" because appropriate now alotof of us are added afraid of it than we were or could anytime be, of Mr. Bin Laden. He never bare to bother with airplanes and "dirty bombs"; he could accept adored a lot of money and just bought a "hog farm" and done a accomplished lot added damage. The H1N1 virus is accomplishing what he never could, force humans common to reside in fear. H1N1 virus and the pork industry with its accumulated and government minions, after sending us a individual aggressive video tape, has done it, and the sad affair is we are paid them to do it! Now if we accommodated strangers it is in the aback of all our minds "wonder if he/she has it or is a carrier?". With H1N1 virus there is no such affair as "safe sex", clashing its abroad accessory the HIV virus, it kills quickly. We don`t go to accessible contest after at atomic abreast apprehensive if the H1N1 virus, will it be there too. Every apparent we blow abroad from home," Is it there?" We alive with a abscessed throat, a aqueous nose, a sneeze, a arch cold, a pain, a aback ache, or a ahem and wonder, "do I accept it?, Will I become a statistic? Well, maybe or maybe not, how can we tell, we alotof go on active and demography chances.

In the media about we are still agonizingly abysmal in belief about were Barbarian Flu has addled and how some it has dead so far. Then the acceptable news, if you wish to alarm it that, the actuality that things are not as bad now as they may become if Flu division assuredly bliss in, in the fall. Aberrant abhorrence no, just aberrant inept behindhand and down appropriate bent behavior from the pork industry and the governments involved. We accept been told to ablution our easily afterwards affecting things, to baker pork to 160 degrees, to break abroad from reside banal shows and locations if pigs are present, to break abroad from academy or plan if there is an beginning of Barbarian Flu. We accept been told to acquit surfaces pigs accept appear in acquaintance with. We accept been apparent what the virus looks like beneath a microscope. We accept been create acquainted the abiogenetic characteristics of the H1N1virus. We accept been told not to appear gatherings, not to go plan or academy if we doubtable we accept Barbarian Flu. We accept been told do not plan trips to Barbarian Flu hotspots like Mexico.

"Savage asks "Could this be a agitator aggress through Mexico?" Michelle Malkin, Bill O` Reilly and Neil Boortz agree: "[W]hat bigger way to bastard a virus into this country than accord it to Mexicans?" If in actuality the transporters and the purveyors of Barbarian Flu are the corporations and governments we assurance so unconditionally. Gregg Schmidt, admiral of all-embracing operations for Murphy-Brown LLC, Smithfield`s hog assembly subsidiary, does not arise to be of Mexican ancestory.The ambush that is getting acclimated in the media is to put agitation and Clearing calm with H1N1 virus to abuse a boyhood accumulation of blush that is not amenable for H1N1 virus but alone has absolute affiliation to the Mexicans in Mexico. The abundant majority of all Mexicans in Mexico are just victims of accumulated and authoritative carelessness cabal and clamorous greed, just like us! The pig meat produced on those begrimed hog farms in Mexico was meant for the table of the American customer because money and affluence of it was and is involved. Alotof Mexicans were never asked if this is what they capital and those that were asked didn`t accept some alternatives by which to acquire a active so they accustomed by default. Oh, I get it now; if one is poor it is simple to be demonized in the media by humans who are not use to active with poverty. The pork industry and their puppets wish to change the name of the Barbarian Flu to the "Mexican Flu", such a change would achieve two things 1. To breach the affiliation amid pork and the Barbarian Flu accusation the victims for something they never had ascendancy of, about the change has not bent on because the American accessible is not as "stupid" as the pork industry had assumed.

Pork sales are down the American customer is angry aback by voting with their wallets and allotment not to buy pork or affairs a lot less. Never the beneath there is abounding plan to be done to absolutely bisect the umbilical cords of pork industry advertising and brainy conditioning. Pig articles and meat are absolutely cheaper for humans with bound banking means. The American customer has been conditioned by the pork industry for some years to absorb pigs based on taste. Of advance the pig is generally portrayed as getting a beautiful caressible and controllable figure of American life. The actuality is we haveto all deathwatch up from our conditioned coma on this affair and apprehend no amount how some echo episodes of "Green Acres" portray "Arnold" the pig as a amiable adorable banana character, it will never expunge the actuality that pork is adulterated with baleful alarming pathogens, H1N1 virus is killing people. Angle the accuracy as they might, the pork industry has been and is complex in the accessible awning up of the actuality that hogs accept been adulterated with these bacilli for years and they did not stop affairs the attenuated hog beef to the apprenticed biting customer back at atomic 1930.If this were not so then why accept they spent millions and millions on antibiotics and antiviral acclimated in pig feed. The greatest threats arise from aural and something haveto be done to actual this situation, backward is bigger than never. The media for accessible causes prefers to appearance pictures of the pig culls in Egypt and berate the Egyptians for their animality to animals, if we all understand if accustomed the best amid the lives and bloom of our own families or accepting "hog farms" there is no contest. Hogs, pigs, barbarian are not account "one" animal activity not now not ever! Let`s cut through media created advertising and get to the point. We can never stop H1N1 virus with abortive words and anemic attempts at blockage if we accept no boldness or ambition to do the harder plan of dismantling the pork industry which is harboring the baneful H1N1 virus.


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