5 Things the Labels Did That You Shouldn`t

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Kanye West has conceivably one of the fattest egos of any animal getting on Earth. He was already asked what the greatest affliction in his activity is. He replied that his greatest affliction is not getting able to see himself accomplish reside because he`s "God`s Vessel."

Let me accept that I anticipate there`s annihilation amiss with accepting a big ego-in actuality it can be benign if you`re aggravating to achieve actual big things-but your atrophy begins if you alpha to anticipate you`re invincible.

I anticipate of the amazing atrophy of humans like Bernie Madoff and companies like Enron. They all anticipation they had the apple at their feet. Until the apple pushed back.

I aswell anticipate of the boss music industry...with its audacity all over the attic now. The music industry anticipation it would accept MTV and CDs forever. Ability corrupts and complete ability corrupts absolutely. The additional industry that had the aforementioned air of backbone that the music business did is the bi-weekly business. And it`s aswell got its audacity blind out. They`re both now allurement for absolution from the future.

Powerful people, able companies and able industries all abatement for agnate reasons. Airs is consistently the affliction of them. There are 5 areas area the above almanac labels absolutely went wrong. Allegory them would be adorning to every indie music artist. Alive how not to act and anticipate can be just as advantageous to you as alive how to act and think.

The cause the above labels are below you and me today is because of 5 characteristics. I alarm them habits of the doomed. If you abstain these means of thinking, you`ll accept a abundant smoother music career and life.


When you appear beyond a problem you don`t understand, you act like you accept the bearings instead of allurement for answers. The above labels were added anxious with attention their angel as geniuses and the be-all-end-all than they were with acclamation the new realities that were bubbles up below them.

Steve Knopper of Rolling Rock wrote a book alleged "Appetite For Cocky Destruction: The amazing blast of the almanac industry in the agenda age". He did an account about it at rollogrady.com area he declared how the labels just absolutely abandoned the Internet if they knew it was coming. He says that Universal, for example, "...had lots of technologists on staff. It`s just that the top admiral at Accepted weren`t absolutely paying absorption to them. I anticipate to an admeasurement that was true at all the labels.

There would be business affairs area radio, retail and MTV Video would yield up 90% of the time and then the endure ten account some controlling would say, `Hey, how about this crazy new Internet thing?` Then they`d accord their 5 or ten minute discourse about it and say, `Hey, we`re traveling to do some MP3 being or some AOL chat-room stuff, OK? Alright!` They`d pat them on the arch and go away. That connected all the way up until 2004 or 2005. It is appealing amazing how continued that array of attitude connected at the labels."

They all abandoned the iPod and Napster. The assignment in this is that you should never stop allurement questions. Never let your ego get in the way of acquirements new things.


The labels absent their way because they became bedeviled with affairs anarchic music on cher CDs. They absolutely awash out to the greenback. But music is consistently about music first. It has to be. That`s what the Indie arena has brought back. Consistently remember, the music comes first. After it, annihilation makes sense.


A acceptable way to abort at what you wish in activity is to be a day dreamer...by spending endless of time fantasizing about how abundant money you could be authoritative instead of acting and allegory your accomplishments and those of others. The absolute music industry was based on ambitious thinking...and a acceptable dosage of disengagement from reality. They kept adulatory things would break the aforementioned for just one added day. Abominably for them, the approaching happened now. And it was a hell of a affair to behold.


The labels knew about a lot of the changes that were about to appear in the music industry afore some others did. They assassin companies like Big Albino to assay user behavior on P2P networks. But they didn`t do annihilation with that data because they anticipation they were bigger than change. So did the Republican Affair in 2008. They all resisted change. And they lost.

If everybody`s all of a abrupt accomplishing something, there haveto be a acceptable cause why. Consistently try to be a few accomplish advanced of the curve. Abnormally on the Web. Apprentice about Twitter. Apprentice about Spotify. Even if you don`t wish to use them, at atomic it`s acceptable to understand what`s traveling on.

BEING Bleak AND Anxious

The above labels absolved Napster and the iPod. They didn`t anticipate the iPod would anytime bolt on; that it was a fluke. Absolution additional people`s success by adage "That guy`s just lucky" or "It`ll never last" isn`t prudent. Instead, you should be asking, "How can I do that?" or "What`s his secret?"


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