BABOLAT Authentic Drive GT Additional Tennis Racquet - The Roddick Racquet

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The BABOLAT Authentic Drive GT additional Tennis Racquet is the adopted best of Andy Roddick who was the wimbledon men`s finalist this year, 2009. The racquet offers advancing players added circuit and power. You will acquisition the GT (Graphite Tungsten) technology anchored into the racquet which feels added solid and actual comfortable.

Players with a average beat appearance will adore the ability created aperture up the avenues of both circuit and ability baseline play. Authentic Drive additional adds up to authentic Tennis amusement and added achievement out on court.The racquet offers abundant hitting power, a solid feel with the added beat weight which gives added ability and spin.

The BABOLAT Authentic Drive GT Additional has an continued breadth and is simple to action which makes it absolutely circuit friendly. The added racquet breadth helps access the tip acceleration of the racquet consistent in faster swings for added circuit and power.

My advice is to audience the Authentic Drive GT Additional afore purchase. You may apprehension added circuit on the brawl and bigger ascendancy if you use it the first time. The afterward is my ascertainment if using the stick.


I noticed my brawl adjustment bigger and I could hit appear the center, larboard or right.


The achievement play was actual good. It had a acceptable feel and `pop` to the racquet. I acquainted added circuit on my acclamation and they acquainted actual acceptable if hit too.


I noticed a actual solid feel for the volleys. The brawl seemed to go area I was aiming. The stick absolutely absorbs any vibrations.

In conclusion, the authentic drive additional would be best ill-fitted for a 4.0 akin amateur and above. The Roddick racquet is actual absorbing and can absolutely advance your game.


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