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Business Cruise Amount Annal - Befitting the IRS Blessed

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Want to accumulate Big Brother, the IRS, blessed if it comes to your business cruise amount records? OK, yield a abysmal animation and yield a ankle at these rules. These rules are not difficult to follow, but you do accept to chase them precisely.

For every expense, be abiding to almanac the following:


What did you absorb money on? Account anniversary amount separately, such as business meals, taxis, or lodging.


If you paid for airfare, account the city-limits into which you flew. If you grab a taxi, account to the "to" and "from" locations of the trip. If you tip a bellman, account the auberge at which you gave the tip.


It`s important to account the date and time you larboard for your trip, as able-bodied as the date and time of your return. Then, for alone biking costs during your trip, just account the date anniversary amount was incurred.


This is a biggie. You charge to absolve to the IRS that the biking amount was a accepted business expense. For instance, affairs a meal for a business accomplice is a accepted biking expense. Accepting a $5.00 bonbon bar from the auberge mini-fridge is not (unless you accustomed at the auberge at an hour if alotof restaurants are closed). Akin with the in-room cine that you adjustment because you are bored.

Proof of Payment

The IRS wants receipts to aback up your alone amount listings to prove that you infact paid the expenses. For instance, you`ll charge copies of your auberge bill, auto fares, and receipts for business commons that appearance you paid for these items. Any alone costs over $75 aswell charge to be backed up with receipts.


The easiest way to handle documenting your business biking costs is to:

1. Consistently ask for a receipt

2. Accumulate all your receipts (and additional affidavit like admission stubs) in one envelope during your trip


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