Data Accident Due to Inode Bribery

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SCO UnixWare operating arrangement is a Unix- based operating arrangement that is primarily accepted for its reliability, adherence and scalability. While the operating arrangement is safe and reliable, it can aswell be besmirched and unmountable due to cool block accident or corruption, inode corruption, cossack errors, VTOC (Volume Tables of Contents) damage, OLT (Object Area Table) accident and awful software like virus. In alotof cases of operating arrangement corruption, you appointment an absurdity message. Already you appointment the absurdity message, the data stored in the harder drive becomes inaccessible. To affected such situations, the best accessible way is to restore the data from an abreast backup. However, in case of no advancement availability or advancement declining abbreviate of abating the appropriate data, you charge to use avant-garde SCO UnixWare Data Accretion Software.

Consider a applied scenario, area you appointment the beneath absurdity bulletin if you attack to cossack your UNIX based operating system:

"Mar 15 17:26:21 ioccrmprep1 unix: WARNING: msgcnt 31 vxfs: mesg 017:

vx_ilock - /opt/data/ora16/preprod book arrangement inode 10 apparent bad"

The aloft absurdity bulletin indicates that inode 10 has been apparent bad. Data adored in the harder drive becomes aloof afterwards the aloft absurdity bulletin appears.


The basis couldcause for the accident of the aloft absurdity bulletin is VERITAS Book inode bribery as a aftereffect of brief cilia hotlink failures.


To boldness the aloft absurdity bulletin and admission the data, you charge to yield these steps:

1. Unmount the book in adjustment to attack aliment on besmirched inodes. Use the command to assay the superblock on the declining book system:

% answer "8192B.p S" | fsdb -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/meta

2. Run a abounding fsck with the -n advantage to see which inodes are apparent bad

3. Set the "aflag" acreage to 0x0 using fsdb. This move haveto be done actual anxiously back it involves autograph to the book anatomy itself. The incorrect use of fsdb can abort the book system.

4. The inode aflag has been austere for the 3 inodes. Verify it with fsck.

5. Now it should be safe to run a abounding fsck with the -y option


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