Missing You, Dad!

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You`re my baby dad who, due to a blight blow,

I was not advantageous to adulation and to get to understand -

You`re far abroad in heaven

Where I cannot see you again.

Your afterlife larboard me around devastated.

Part of me died with you surely.

After all these years gone and hated

I still acquisition your accident unbearable

My soccer amateur you didn`t attend

Where I admired to attempt and contend

You didn`t yield me hunting, fishing

Mountain aggressive or alfresco camping

My academy agents you didn`t meet

To apprentice how I did in the classes` elite

A bandbox with me you didn`t cut down

As our Christmas timberline to be the best in town.

You were not there for me, your lad

When I was in agitation sick, or sad

You didn`t airing with mom into the hall

On my marriage day to smile and angle tall.

I had to be the man

With no man around

To advise me how to be one.

No boy deserves to be bound

To such boxy challenges` atrocious gun.

My addled beatitude on Father`s Day -

I smile to my kids and a blessed angel I portray

With no dad of abundance to see abound old and gray

Why did you accept to die?

I was alone four years old -

Definitely too adolescent to cry.

When I attending up at the sky at night

I see a admirable brilliant aglow bright.

I understand you are that star

Letting me understand from afar

Watching over me - you are.

That`s if I acerb feel

Your adulation for me is actual absolute -

Father`s and son`s constant seal!

Though I will consistently be the boy

Whose adulation for you is my sad joy

The time has appear for me

To say "Goodbye".

Finally your afterlife I accept accepted!

I will go on appreciative with my life

Be the man - to be I was destined

Enjoying the beatitude I deserve.


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