Fender Archetypal Amateur Jazzmaster & Bobcat - The Analysis

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In the beginning, Leo created the Telecaster. Keith and Bruce were happy. On the additional day, Leo created the Stratocaster. Jimi and Eric were in ecstasy. On the afterward days, Leo created the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar, which, although advised for jazz, begin followers aural the cream music arena of the 60s and the bedrock music arena of the 90s. Today we`ll be testing the 2008 copy of these allegorical guitars ...

A Little Story Assignment ...

The story of these two models is not trivial. In 1958, Leo Fender, ancestor of the acclaimed Anchorperson and Stratocaster, absitively to yield advantage of his acceptability and try to abduct applesauce guitarists with a archetypal logically alleged the Jazzmaster. With a rosewood fingerboard, a amphibian vibrato, new pickups, and a warmer complete than the Stratocaster, Leo anticipation he`d amuse jazzmen at the time. Unfortunately, its addiction to acknowledgment prompted them to avoid it. However, the Jazzmaster began to absorption groups in the cream movement like The Ventures and The Fireballs. Leo, consistently on the lookout, took advantage of this absorption and came out with a archetypal accurately advised for the cream music arena in 1962: the Jaguar. With a beneath calibration (24 inches), individual braid Stratocaster-type pickups, 22 frets, a spring-loaded elastic string-mute, and a alveolate ancillary bowl that create it beneath decumbent to interference, it was the ultimate cream guitar. Unfortunately, the cream music arena went out of appearance in the 70`s and assembly of Jaguars and Jazzmasters was chock-full in 1980.

These models were then set abreast for a few years until indie bedrock bands in the aboriginal 80s such as Sonic Adolescence or My Blood-soaked Valentine saw in this guitar (which was affordable at the time and gave abounding feedback), a acceptable way to amuse their beginning complete cravings. By strumming the strings abaft the arch they could get a different agreeable complete as able-bodied as aftermath affectionate resonance due to the low breach bend over the bridge. Afterward this rediscovery, the Jazzmaster and Bobcat were reintroduced into the Fender archive in 1986 with Japanese 1962 Copy models.

2008 saw the bearing of the "Classic Player" series, create in Mexico and at almost affordable prices. To bless their 50th ceremony a "revision" was in adjustment ... This analysis will be of a Jazzmaster, a Bobcat with individual braid pickups, and a Bobcat with Humbuckers.

Face Lift

For those who accept never laid their easily on a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar, the first arresting affection is the admeasurement of its agee body, beyond than that of a Anchorperson or a Stratocaster. However, the antithesis is perfect, because the guitar was originally advised to be played built-in (the jazzmen, remember!). The acceptable capital differences amid the two models are both the abbreviate calibration on the Bobcat (24 inches as against to the 25.5 inches on the Jazzmaster), and altered pickups: P-90-type individual coils on the Jazzmaster alter from the individual Stratocaster-type ones on the Jaguar. The pickups on the Jazzmaster in actuality accept a warmer and bastard complete than those of the Jaguar, which are brighter.

As far as changes go, there are new pickups (Special Architecture Hot Individual coils on the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar, and Apache humbuckers for the Bobcat HH) with a college achievement akin and thicker complete than the aboriginal models. Agenda that the pickups on the Jazzmaster accept acme acclimation screws, as do the P-90-type pickups. A Tune-O-Matic-type arch resolves the "jumping strings" and accentuation issues of antecedent models. In addition, the amphibian tremolo has been confused in afterpiece to the arch and the bend of the strings in affiliation to the arch is now greater. This will access sustain and abate affectionate cord resonances abaft the bridge. You lose that little appropriate agreeable complete that was acquired by strumming the strings abaft the arch (Sonic Adolescence admired that sound). With this new arch and the the actuality that the tremolo has been confused in closer, it loses a little of the appearance of the aboriginal guitar, but assets in accurateness and stability.

For the maple neck, Fender has called a "C" shape, a rosewood fingerboard, a 9.5 inch ambit (flatter than the original), 21 average colossal frets (for the Jazzmaster and 22 for the Jaguar). The physique is alder for all three models and accouterments is Fender/Ping best style.

As for looks, be acquainted that the Jazzmaster is accessible in atramentous or sunburst finishes with a 4-ply Amber Carapace pickguard, the Bobcat appropriate (single coils) in red or sunburst, and the Bobcat HH (humbuckers) in white or sunburst. Lastly, the guitars are delivered in a gig bag and accouterments is chrome.

Sound and Playability

As for electronics, the Jazzmaster has two absolute circuits (lead and rhythm) via a selectable 2 position switch, anniversary with their own aggregate and tone. There`s the archetypal three-position about-face for selecting pickups (neck, arch or both). The Bobcat with individual coils replaces the 3-position about-face with a arrangement accumulation three 2-position switches. The first two switches enable/disable the arch and close pickups appropriately while the third about-face activates a high-pass filter. This clarify lets you calmly bore through a mix! Lastly, the Bobcat with humbuckers has even added possibilities! There`s, in accession to the adjustments mentioned above, a adept annihilate about-face that lets you absolutely cut the complete of the guitar, and two controls to mix the humbucker complete with the breach sound( Humbucking/Single-Coil Alloy Control), and this for anniversary pickup. The sonic possibilities of this guitar are enormous!

The adroitness on these guitars seems absolute and there weren`t any accentuation issues during the test. The close is acceptable to play and one will bound acquisition their bearings, while the accouterments seems congenital to last. As for controls,only the Bobcat HH may affectation some problems at first: for novices, the amount of knobs/switches takes some accepting acclimated to, abnormally in gigs area accent can complicate things.

Once acquainted in, one is afraid by the ability delivered by the pickups. The Jazzmaster has a candied complete but which is absolutely blubbery and with a cogent achievement akin for individual coils. It allows you a bit of versatility in agreement of complete with acceptable apple-pie tones that are affluent and full.

The few complete samples were recorded with a Sennheiser MD 421 microphone in foreground of a Brunetti Mercury EL34 amp. Here`s a sample of the "clean" complete palette of the Jazzmaster: clean1, clean2, clean3, clean4, cleanchords and cleanfunk. And three examples in overdrive: ovd1, ovd2 and ovd3.

The Bobcat with individual coils is agnate to a Anchorperson with its chimey sounds; true beatitude for clean-sound lovers! Nevertheless, distorted/overdrive sounds are aswell absolutely nice: it`s got that acidity that we all understand and love! Examples: dist1, dist2 and dist3.

Lastly, the Bobcat HH, with two humbuckers, is the overdrive king. It`s artlessly a joy to play in bead D with the baloney pedal on! It`s abundant and fat with blaze aerial everywhere (ex1, 2 & 3)! Cobain admirers will be thrilled. The befalling to mix in the breach auto complete gives some absorbing after-effects in apple-pie and overdrive (ex1, 2 & 3) and, as said before, gives the guitar astronomic complete possibilities. The knobs can absolutely be difficult to adept at first, but it`s account the effort.


It`s difficult to to be captious if confronted with these guitars! They attending and complete abundant and are a joy to play. The alone criticism that can be create by Jazzmaster/Jaguar traditionalists ability be about the changes create to the arch and tremolo location. While they facilitate adjustments and advance accentuation to some extent, they hardly change the aboriginal appearance of these models . But for an boilerplate amount of about $900, Fender delivers top superior guitars. Yes, they`re create in Mexico, but authority their own if compared to assertive added big-ticket models. It`s a acceptable cause to yield the attempt and buy one of these allegorical guitars!

[+] Look

[+] Finish

[+] Neck

[+] Pickups

[+] Intonation

[+] Price

[+] Changes that accompany the guitars up to date ...

[-] ... But hardly change their aboriginal character


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