Idli, Breakfast of Champions

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If you understand idli, you understand how adorable it is. Some humans understand the billowy nan, some the flatbread, tortilla-like chapatti, but unless you understand southern Indian cuisine you apparently don`t understand the soft, adorable delights of idli. Idli, I suppose, is technically a blazon of bread. It looks like a bun and has the abject superior of bread, but the aftertaste is altogether altered as idli is create from basmati rice flour. So idli is like aliment in the aforementioned way that cornbread is like aliment I guess.

In any case, if idli is eaten appropriately it serves as a acting for rice. It is aflame and eaten with any amount of curries and chutneys. The grandest way of all to eat idli is to eat it on a houseboat while touring the bewitched blooming backwaters of Kerala.

My first acquaintance with idli was none of the adventurous angel I corrective aloft at all however- it was a abhorrent shock. My wife and I had been bistro at a restaurant abreast our guesthouse for some canicule and the aliment was absolutely great. We were affable with the agents and one day I even gave them a brace of kilos of guava that I had purchased at the market. In acknowledgment they aerated us up a alotof adorable guava lassi.

So afore branch to Kovalam, we anticipation we would accept breakfast there afore communicable the train. The aliment had been great, right? If I saw the idli I knew what it was and was afraid to try it. I biconcave it in the accompanying back-scratch and hungrily put it in my aperture alone to ascertain that it was the hottest back-scratch I had anytime encountered in my accomplished life! Apparently, humans in Madras eat added hot back-scratch in the morning to deathwatch them up! Sometimes cultural differences can be huge.


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