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There Are Broiled Beans and Then There Are These Broiled Beans

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There is a abundant cookbook out there alleged The Alone Texas Cookbook by Linda West Eckhardt and this is one of treasures I mined from her book. As the columnist of a best cookbook (Cookbook of the Year 2007), I consistently adulation it if addition columnist comes up with a compound that I like as abundant as I like this one.

With the barbecue and cook-out division advancing up, and the tailgate division just over the horizon, I adumbrate these beans will create you a comestible star. I`ve consistently anticipation there are two kinds of picnics, the adventurous affectionate and the "lots of people" kind. The nicest affair about adventurous picnics is that you consistently go with anyone you love. I anticipate the best adventurous picnics are ones area alone the baker knows whats on the menu. Then you can abruptness the additional being with a abundant meal, wine, champagne, flowers, an assurance ring, whatever. This compound will plan for both kinds, the adventurous affectionate and the "lots of people" affectionate and I affiance no one will be disappointed.

These beans are delicious, simple to make, and if you bifold or amateur the compound you can augment a baby army.

For about 4 people, depending on their appetites.

1 ample can (1lb., 12 oz) pork and beans - aces a acceptable brand, this is no time to go for the bargain stuff.

2 slices bacon, chopped

1 1/2 ample blooming peppers, chopped

1 baby onion, chopped

1 tbsp. amber sugar

1 tsp. chile powder

1/2 cup catsup

1/2 cup water


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