What If You Woke Up Tomorrow and Said, `From Now on I`m Not Gonna Do Annihilation I Don`t Feel Like?`

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Think about, it what would happen?

It`s difficult, isn`t it?

Because your activity is not about you, it`s about anybody abroad and how you accept to be to amuse them. It`s about what you charge to do to accept what it is you want. You accept a job that pays the money you charge to pay the mortgage and for the aliment and all those things you want. You absorb your time and activity searching afterwards all sorts of humans and things; your partner, your kids, the pets, your brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. Your accompany even!

Look at your activity and you will see that just about every one and every affair is demography something from you.

No admiration you`re tired.

And accept you noticed how `offended` anybody gets?

I mean, they consistently accept some argument to something anyone abroad is doing; whether it be the best of haircut, TV appearance you watch, the car you drive, what diet you`re on, it doesn`t amount what, they will consistently acquisition something that they don`t like about anyone abroad so the can be affronted by it. So what happens is we do the things that those about us apprehend of us, to `make activity easier!` and in that we become a bondservant to them. Not that `them` is anyone in particular, you just charge to attending at association to see `them`. We are all accomplishing it with anniversary other, just attending about at those humans YOU become affront by! We can all be as accusable as anniversary other.

So what do you do?

"Thoroughly unprepared, we yield the move into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we yield this move with the false acceptance that our truths and our ethics will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot reside the afternoon of activity according to the program of life`s morning, for what was abundant in the morning will be little at black and what in the morning was true, at black will accept become a lie."


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