Baldheaded Eagles and Alligators!

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 Most of the alligators scurried abroad with cape aqueous and anxiety churning the bank baptize to a addled paste. I calculating absolved into the baptize and began wading about the grass, befitting an eye out for the gator 30 yards abroad that banned to leave his sunning spot. He was a beggarly searching one, lying on the apparent about thirty yards from me; aggravating to beam me down. It worked! I wasn ' t about to get any afterpiece to that huge alligator! He had to be at atomic 11-12 anxiety long! I am absolute that I saw a smile on his face as he was adventuresome me to appear closer.

If I hadn ' t bare bait, I wouldn ' t accept gotten as abutting to him as I was. As continued as he was on top of the baptize and I was affective abroad from him I acquainted almost safe. Acutely I had taken leave of my senses! I was casting my allurement net in and about the edger beds aggravating to bolt tiny grass shrimp! The grass banks were abounding of them and I was bringing up several at a time. As a abundant allurement for dejected gill bream and red eared carapace crackers, they were unbeatable!

This was the first time I had been on Jessup Lake. While it was a beginning baptize lake, there was abundant alkali in it to abutment bite rays, tilapia and the casual flounder as well. The wildlife actuality was something alotof fishermen rarely attestant anywhere else. We had already apparent at atomic a hundred alligators alignment from 4 anxiety continued to 12 anxiety or added lazily capturing the morning sun. I understand now that Basin Jessup has one of the better alligator populations in Florida and the almanac for the accompaniment is about 13 and a bisected feet.

As we got aback in the baiter with abundant grass shrimp for the day, we saw a army of about 20 white pelicans abreast the area of one of our carapace cracker beds. They were allegedly not anxious about us at all as they clean-cut their accoutrement with their beaks and chatted to anniversary additional in crammer language.

Further down the bank we saw an egret ' s backup top in the top of an old cypress tree. Congenital in the angle of a limb, we could apprehend the chirps of adolescent birds in the nest, even afore we saw the mother aerial in with a baby angle in her beak. We could now see the babyish egrets afraid their active up aloft the rim of sticks and twigs as they were clamoring for food! Such a peaceful and serene sight! We watched for a while and were affective boring with the trolling motor so as not to afflict the little ancestors in the trees.

Ron pulled the trolling motor up and we kept afloat until we could almost see the egrets. We were about to alpha the gasoline engine, if we saw a ample bird about two hundred yards abroad dive down and snatch a angle beyond than I usually catch, from the baptize as if it were a minnow. It confused down the coffer with its breakfast and acclimatized in the top of a reside oak tree. It adherent the angle into a accustomed cup of branches and commenced to eat.

We had an abstraction of what the bird was, but it wasn ' t until we focused in the binoculars we ' d use with the egrets that we knew absolutely what we were seeing. It was a baldheaded hawkeye that was staring aback at us as we silently drifted accomplished his tree! I ' ve never apparent annihilation as majestic as this abundant bird as he clamped one bottom on the angle as he ate. He didn ' t assume to apperception that we were watching him as we drifted down the lake. Abominably I didn ' t accept a camera acceptable to abduction that moment, but it ' s indelibly categorical in my memory.

We eventually create it to our bream beds and bent absolutely a few, but annihilation was as agitative and memorable as that morning on Jessup Lake.
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