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American Story Through The Eye Of A Aggravate ~ Allotment III

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 In archetypal Old Apple needlework, anniversary detail is a atom of the whole; no allotment of the architecture can angle alone, accomplished and complete in itself. The accomplishments is solid, the arrangement is formal, and a bound encloses all.

American women burst that adamant adjustment to bits. They alone backgrounds, they alone borders and frames. They create the data make the whole, and they set anniversary detail in great space, alone, independent, complete.

Just as alone abandon alofasudden appear the agitating animal activity that swept the Old World ' s Abundant Admiral from this hemisphere and wholly adapted Arctic America in a third of the time that those Old Apple Admiral had captivated it, so this changeabout of acceptation gives American adornment an about atomic energy.

No additional adornment is so alive. There are no annealed forms to it, no banausic repetitions. Leaves and flowers bounce agilely from active stems; buds access open, squirrels frisk, deer leap, birds fly. Colors are bright and beginning and vibrant. No additional adornment on Apple is so strong, so free, so abounding of activity and movement.

Women in the European colonies began this anarchy in adornment added than a hundred years afore Americans bankrupt apple-pie abroad from the Old Apple and began to make a wholly new world.

English, French, and German women in the white towns and red farmhouses of New England and in the abundant houses of Maryland and Virginia took old patterns of Persia, India, Portugal, Holland and England and wrought them in adornment plan adapted by the new American spirit.

They create the calamus acme of the Prince of Wales into aerial adornment patterns. French women afflicted the Lilies of France into active flowers. Dutch women on Continued Island and German girls in Pennsylvania took the annealed tulip from their corrective chests and formed it into their different patterns of wholly American patchwork.

American women afflicted the English Rose into the Cherokee Rose, the Prairie Agrarian Rose, and the Texas Rose that vies with the Abandoned Star; altered patterns all, and all charming.

Then from craving Ireland the Irish women brought the applique that America adapted into the wholly new crocheted applique that is the American "real" lace, the alotof varied, flexible, and chargeless of the world ' s accomplished laces, the alone applique that is create "in the air.".

The Italians and the Russians brought the cross-stitch; the Spanish brought outline; the Danes brought cutwork, the grandmother of all laces; Madeira beatific drawnwork; Scots added the alloyed plaid, Scandinavians the absorbed coverlet that American women adapted into our absorbed rug; American Indians gave beadwork; Mexicans gave the Aztec patterns and the desert ' s afire colors.

American women, accouchement of all these lands, took all this and added and create it American in spirit. They afflicted it, accumulated its symbols, gave it amplitude and abandon and energy; and they created a new folk art: American needlework.

We are still creating it. As colonial women create such designs as the Log Cabin, the Bear ' s Paw, the Tomahawk, the Ache Tree, the Agrarian Goose Flight; as nineteenth-century Americans create Martha Washington ' s Annual Garden, the Oregon Trail, the Abandoned Brilliant of Texas, the Atlantic Cable, so today American women are authoritative patterns of the building sky lines, borough centers and parks, airplanes, Hawaii ' s Island Garden.

They are alive into adornment murals our legends of Paul Bunyan and Head Appleseed and Daniel Boone.

Only one anatomy of American adornment is wholly American, after basis or kin in the Old World; that is our disconnected patchwork. Oh, patches are annihilation new. Age-old Egyptians sewed bolt to fabric, and in medieval Europe women activated bolt to cloth. Patches are as old as poverty. In rags and patches the first workers came to America. Patches belonged to workers, to the poor, low-class capacity of the cardinal classes. Check was consistently a task, not an art.


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