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What Does It Absolutely Beggarly To Be A U.S. Citizen?

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 It agency we accept rights. Rights that some accept fought for and accustomed their lives for. Abominably in accepted America there is, for the alotof part, two separate classes of citizenship, a bipartisanship if you will. You accept the poor and then you accept the wealthy. Yes, there is a average class, but the republicans and George Backcountry are boring accepting rid of this class. Their cause for this is simple. The average chic does not like a government that alone favors the affluent and it has a voice. The average chic aswell provides a aperture for some to become rich. The affluent and affluent do not like the poor and they do not like to associate alfresco of their class. So, causeless to say, if the republicans (the affluent and wealthy) accept their way there will alone be two classes left, the poor and the wealthy.

Basically, this is how it works. In America you accept a appropriate to abundant bloom affliction if you are affluent or accept a abundant employer sponsored plan. Due to the ascent amount of healthcare some administration are attached or catastrophe these affairs for employees. Of course, at the aforementioned time, admiral are infact accepting added allowances than ever. So basically, the absoluteness is you accept a appropriate to bordering bloom care. The abundant bloom affliction George Backcountry says we accept is aloof for the rich.

You aswell accept the appropriate to vote. What you do not understand and the government does not wish you to understand is that your votes do not calculation or matter. Just attending at the abutting acclamation amid George Backcountry and Al Gore. Al Claret absolutely won, but Jeb Bush, George Bushs brother and Governor of Florida played about with Floridas votes and voila George won. This is even admitting he had beneath votes. If you watched Michael Moores documentary Farenheit 9/11 you will see that some voters were affronted that their votes were not included. This was abnormally so with lower chic and primarily atramentous or African Americans. None were accustomed to accept a articulation or create a academic complaint because they bare a agent to aback them and of advance none would allege out adjoin Jeb or George Bush. What happened actuality is simple, George and Jeb Backcountry accept conspired to abundant political ability in a actual ailing way. What they did was dig up clay and such on every political official that ability become a problem and let them understand what they accept so they would just let this happen. This is not a true democracy. It is acceptable added like left-wing Russia 20 years ago. How can we deliver Iraq if we are not absolved ourselves?

You accept the appropriate or albatross to pay taxes. Yes, alone in America do the affluent on boilerplate pay alone 1 percent or beneath of their assets in taxes while the average chic and lower chic pay on boilerplate 35 percent of their income. Alone the affluent can allow able tax attorneys and adorned tax havens. It was afresh create accepted that some of the affluent accept even set up trusts in childrens names that they do not have. Do not worry, yo are rich, the government apparently will not bolt it and if they do you will get off absolute easy. Just create a attack addition or two to George Bush. Its amazing what you can get abroad with in America if you accept money. Attending at O.J. Simpson. You can actually annihilate anyone and then adumbrate your assets so no one can blow your money. O.J. claimed he was bankrupt and had no funds. Right. Just attending at anniversary presidents approachable account of pardons if they leave office. Its all abounding of alone affluent and affluent humans searching to escape felonies and agnate that would put alotof Americans abaft confined for some years. If you are affluent and are adverse something awful, just create a donation or two of $500,000 to a presidents library armamentarium or agnate and you will be afraid at what you can get abroad with.

As citizens we are not accusable until accurate innocent. Actually, the poor are basically guilty, and the affluent will get out of it, regardless. Actually, the affluent do not even get arrested sometimes. Just attending at Agent Kennedy. You can drive drunk, hit a accurate barrier, be empiric as getting bashed by several affidavit admiral and be apprenticed home. The blow of us would be accustomed the breathalizer and befuddled in the bashed catchbasin to anticipate a cloister date for either DUI or DWUI (as agent Kennedy claimed it was a medication problem). He was bashed or beneath the access and could accept dead someone.


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