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 Etecsa Telecommunications Building, City Havana, Thursday, April 13, 2005, 3:32 pm

I absolutely gotta hurry, I alone accept about 28 account larboard on my Internet agenda so I am traveling to try to be abrupt here.

The endure few canicule accept been acutely interesting. I am not a political expert, but in a city-limits like Havana you deceit advice but be confronted with politics. Everywhere you see billboards with political slogans, monuments of heroes that were cogent in Cubas history, pictures of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, and the Cuban Anarchy as able-bodied as the present bread-and-butter affairs are all-knowing capacity of conversation.

I accept apprehend a lot about Cuba and approved to allocution to as some humans as accessible and there are a few things that accept crystallized in my apperception as accepted impressions of Cuba. Already again, these are my claimed impressions and they are absolutely not based on accurate fact, but about I will allotment them with you.

Cubans are a angrily appreciative and absolute humans and added than annihilation they assert on attention their civic ability and sovereignty. At assorted times throughout story Cuba was bedeviled by the Spanish, the English or the Americans and back the Cuban Anarchy in 1959 Cubans accept had freedom for the first time in history. Obviously, Cubans accepted political adversary is the US goverment, but I accept heard abundant humans say that they accept annihilation adjoin the American people, their issues are with the US government, and in accurate the embargo and the biking restrictions for Cubans active in the US. Apparently, ancestors of Cuban families are now alone accustomed to biking to Cuba already every 3 years, so the policites were anchored decidedly by the US government in contempo times.

The after-effects of the embargo and the bread-and-butter shortages are arresting everywhere, barrio are crumbling, there is not abundant architecture material, hospitals are defective in equipment, and claimed assets is acutely low (eg. amid $ 8 and $20 a month...). As a result, everybody is affected to accessible a little ancillary business. During the endure few canicule I accept heard that it is acutely accepted in Cuba to abduct assets from the Accompaniment back all bread-and-butter action including retail is nationalized.

People abduct cosmetics, hygience products, cement, wood, computers, cigars, aggregate that is not actually nailed down. Then they advertise the articles abreast beneath the table. It is abnormally acrid that in a Antipathetic country, everybody has angry into an entrepreneur... The byword that I accept heard is hay que inventar, you accept to ad-lib things - be artistic in adjustment to survive.

This mentality manifests itself in some actual accessible ways: bygone Pedro and I approved to get into the Partagas Tobacco Branch back I capital to go on a tour. The aegis bouncer told us that an agent had died and that accordingly the branch was closed. Then, beneath his breath, he asked us if we capital to buy a box of cigars. How amazing: the aegis bouncer attention the tobacco branch is affairs (stolen) cigars on the atramentous market.

Also, just alfresco the Capitol building, Havanas alotof alarming and alotof acclaimed architectural jewel, there is a admirable esplanade with close flowers, atramentous copse and benches. And about all the benches are missing their board slats, on the seat, the backrest or both. And these benches are amid appropriate alfresco Cubas alotof acclaimed building! Today I accustomed the account that superior copse is acutely difficult to get and that humans artlessly advice themselves.....

The amount and types of clandestine ambitious schemes is too ample to mention. Alone a few are legal, for archetype the paladares (private restaurants in clandestine homes), the casas particulares (bed and breakfasts) as able-bodied as assorted types of clandestine taxis. But afar from this baby amount of clearly acceptable clandestine enterprises, around everybody in this country has angry into an entrepreneur. Any being that owns a car, and car buying is acutely belted here, uses it to accord a lift to people, picks up cartage at a artery bend and drops them off 20 account after in acknowledgment for 10 Pesos, all money create beneath the table.

All these things are abnormally acrid to me, back Cuba clearly is a Antipathetic country, area clandestine acreage and clandestine action is all but forbidden, but in adjustment to survive the absolute citizenry has angry into an army of entrepreneurs.

On the additional hand, Cuba has accomplished amazing accomplishments, for a small, third-world Carribean country. Abutting to 100% of Cubas citizenry is literate, accessible apprenticeship is accessible to everybody. Atramentous humans and women in accurate accept benefited from the furnishings of the revoluation. The bloom affliction and apprenticeship arrangement are apartof the alotof developed systems in the 3rd world, and Cubas activity assumption and baby bloodshed ante are apartof the best of the world. In addition, post-revolutionary Cuba has aswell committed itself to announcement action and athelticism and today Cuba excels in some altered sports (track and field, baseball, basketball, volleyball, angry and others) on an all-embracing level.

So all in all, the Cuban Anarchy has had some astoundingly absolute furnishings on the country, admitting all the hardships that humans still experience. However, it seems that there is a little bit of optimism in the air, back Cuba active barter agreements with Venezuela, assorted additional Latin American countries and China. And of advance abundant achievement is placed in Cubas tourism industry.

However, on the additional hand, you accept to accumulate in apperception that Cuba is still a dictatorship, a absolute administration and animal rights and claimed freedoms are belted here. There is a apparent paranoia actuality apartof humans in that they are abashed of about criticizing the regime. And organizations like the CDR, the Comite de la Defensa de la Revolution, generally act as watchdogs and informers on the people. Biking is acutely restricted, or impossible, and there are no official methods of criticizing the government.

This abbreviate little bit of time has been abundant in giving me an acumen into Cuban culture, backroom and economics, and my classes at the university are abundant back my colleagues aswell add to a actual absorbing discussion. We altercate and analyze the Scandinavian, Cuban and Canadian bloom systems, political systems, accumulation media and bread-and-butter behavior and all this has absolutely been an abrupt experience.


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