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 Were you built-in beneath the assurance of Aquarius. What a compassionate and acceptable being you are. And did you understand that there absolutely is an Age of Aquarius. It wasnt just a songwriters abstraction in the musical, Hair. Just as there are alone zodiac signs, so are the eras of animal story disconnected into 2000-year segments of whats alleged the Abundant Year. We just larboard the age of Pisces, which began at the alpha of the Christian era until the year 2000. It was a time apparent by aqueous changes in backroom and governments. Pisces, of course, is the assurance of the Fish, the attribute of Christianity.

We are now in the age of Aquarius, but alone just in the aurora of it, like the song said. All the wonderful, acceptable characteristics of the Baptize Agent are not yet allegorical of altruism as a accomplished yet, as apparent by the accepted agitation in the Average East. But there are signs. Bethink the Accidental Acts of Kindness. Conceivably those were a augury of the Age of Aquarius.

If YOU are an Aquarian, then you were built-in amid January 20 and February 18. You are a altruistic and added able than alotof and accustomed to thoughts of how to create the apple a bigger place. You can be adroit and original, and youre freedom-loving. Youre acceptable with your thoughts, whether humans are absorbed or not! You can be aberrant and idiosyncratic, and charge a lot of space, but your affection is about consistently in the appropriate place.


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