Attitude of Hiranyaksa

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 Hiranyaksa agency one who has his eyes consistently on gold! What a name.

Many years ago if I first abutting the movement I would feel a audible abhorrence appear bodies like Hiranyaksa. Now I feel absolutely altered (hopefully I accept not become a demon!). If I apprehend about Hiranyaksa and his ilk I feel apologetic for how they are adversity due to their abundant desires/needs. So what we did today in chic is to assay the needs that Hiranyaksa had that acquired him to accept such affecting outbursts adjoin God. These affecting outbursts were infact adverse expressions of his unmet needs.

What were Hiranyaksa ' s needs? He bare free dom for example. What he did not apprehend was that in this actual apple the spirit body can never absolutely accomplish its charge for free dom as it is controlled at every move by the three modes of actual nature. The Gita teaches us this (Gita 3.5).

The body can never accept complete free dom back the alone free being is Krishna (and even He is controlled by Radha ' s love). Krishna is Svarat or independent, admitting we are dependent.

But the charge for freedom is there in all of us and is a accustomed need; not something that we should suppress. This charge can be bidding in the able way in the airy branch area we get the befalling to serve Krishna out of love.

So in additional chat the charge for freedom is not bad, it is just that we should accept how to appropriately accomplish it. Hiranyaksa ' s problem was that he did not accept how to accomplish that need.

Similarly with additional needs; such as the charge for love, nurturance, play, celebration, integrity, interdependence, spirituality, etc., we artlessly should apprentice how to appropriately amuse these needs in Krishna consciousness, contrarily they will abide aghast (burning like fire) and we will always be experiencing abhorrent affections such as anger, confusion, hopelessness, loneliness, envy, etc. Accordingly if we accept some abrogating feelings, we should not try to abolish or repress these feelings.

By abolishment or repression the animosity either become added arresting our appear out in some additional way (sublimation) that couldcause added pain.

We should become added acquainted of the abrogating animosity if they acceleration to the apparent and trace out what annoyed charge we accept that is the couldcause of those feelings. Then we can focus that charge in a Krishna acquainted way, and the abrogating activity will be replaced with a absolute activity of confidence, joyousness, optimism, etc. And if we apprehend of anyone abroad accepting abrogating animosity we will accept how to advice them accept the antecedent of those animosity (unmet needs) and how to accommodated their needs properly.

Pure Krishna alertness is a anniversary at every minute. It is as Srila Prabhupada said a vacation for the soul-real play.

By presenting Krishna alertness after any ambiguous motive we can display true integrity. By active in a association of avant-garde Vaisnavas we can rejoice in alternation (notice I did not say dependence) as we acquaintance appreciation, consideration, empathy, etc.


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