Advertisement Of All-party Aldermanic Analysis Address Into Attack Casework

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 This anniversary saw the publications of the Collective Attack Board of the UK and Ireland ' s online aldermanic report: "Wasted Money, Ashen Lives".

A continued account of failures in the affliction and analysis of humans with attack has resulted in about 400 accidental deaths a year and 189 actor in ashen funds, according to the address of the All-Party Aldermanic Accumulation (APPG) on attack appear this week.

Wasted Money, Ashen Lives, a accent report, accurate by the Collective Attack Board of the UK and Ireland, into the animal and bread-and-butter costs of attack in England, condemns connected government abortion to accommodated the needs of humans active with the condition.

The All Affair Aldermanic Accumulation (APPG) on Epilepsy, chaired by Adult Gould of Potternewton,was launched to advance acquaintance of the attributes of attack amidst Parliamentarians and to accession the political contour of attack and accompanying problems. The secretariat is provided by the Collective Attack Board (JEC), an awning accumulation of 21 attack organisations, operating beyond the UK and Ireland.

Officers of the accumulation are: Chair: Adult Gould of Rotternewton; Vice-chairs: Cheryl Gillan MP,

Norman Lamb MP, Aristocrat Artisan of Leigh; Treasurer: John Action MP; Secretary: David Cameron MP.

You can apprehend the address in abounding at

JEC Affiliate Helplines

Further advice on all aspects of attack can be acquired by contacting the helplines of the afterward Collective Attack Board affiliate organisations:

Epilepsy Action

Freephone blast no. 0808 800 5050


Opening hours are:

9am 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday

9am 4pm Fridays (all UK times)

Epilepsy Bereaved

Telephone no. 01235 772852

Open 24 hours per anniversary and 24 hour answering apparatus available.

National Centre for Adolescent Humans with Attack (NCYPE) Enquiry Line:

Telephone no. 01342 831342


Opening hours are 9.30 12.30 Monday to Friday

Please aswell see the BBC online letters in our account annal at
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