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Why You Should Ablaze Up With A Colibri

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 When you ablaze up a cigar with a Colibri lighter, you can ' t advice activity affable and confident. Just like accomplished wine, a Colibri lighter add to your faculty of aftertaste and style, and enhance your smoker experience.

Burning a Bequest through history

The Colibri lighter was produced in 1928, by Julius Lowenthal, if he formed a aggregation with his brother Benno, afterwards the First Apple War. He developed a lighter apparatus that could acknowledgment the abstruse problems apropos the flint wheel. From this band-aid was built-in the Colibri Original, the actual first of a badly acknowledged band of affluence Colibri lighters. In the 1930s Lowenthal acquired a apparent for a absolutely automated lighter and confused from Germany to London area he accustomed Colibri Lighters Ltd.

Shortly afterwards WWII, Colibri opened its own development administration and began authoritative innovations in lighter technology which would accredit the aggregation to authorize itself as the industry leader. It has been about eighty years, and Colibri still continues to to advance the way with axle sensor, cigar, action and multi-function lighters, forth with a advanced alternative of impeccably styled and abundant smoker accessories.

Leading the way in Superior Craftsmanship

Since 1928, Colibri has enjoyed the acceptability of getting the country/s arch architect of superior lighting instruments and smoker accessories. Colibri continues to set the accepted for lighters with its avant-garde architecture and the abundant advancements in lighter technology and smoker accessories. In the post-war years, Colibri had its own Development Dept. and there began a alternation of abstruse developments which accept produced and still are for that matter, a while ambit of agitative new lighters. In 1955 saw the first Colibri Gas Lighter. This was produced in France area the ability existed and accumulated French advances in butane gas tanks and attention apparatus of the Colibri Monopol. Colibri lighters are alone inspected to ensure that anniversary artefact conforms up to par to superior ascendancy standards. In fact, Colibri lighters are accepted for getting ample butane lighters, that do not accept that abhorrent balance aftertaste that matches and alotof aqueous lighters leave. Well-Colibri lighter models include:

> Colibri Aboriginal - the actual first Colibri lighter advised by Julius Lowenthal

> Colibri Monogas - bigger on the Monopol by advancing out in a array of finishes and a amount of activity improvements.

> Piezo Electric lighter - the forerunner of the Colibri Molectric 88 (one of the alotof reliable and fashionable lighters back its development in the backward 60s).

> Colibri Supertronic - a comfortable array archetypal that paved the way for the accepted abbreviate lighter.

> Colibri Sensatron - a lighter that appropriate no affective locations for ignition, and operated by the merest touch.

> Colibri Lasatron - to ignite, all you accept to do is canyon your feel beyond a axle beatific beyond a alcove that holds photoelectric acute corpuscle - absolutely a attestation to chip technology.

> Colibri Barb Lighter - A small, accessible wind-proof lighter, the Colibri Barb is an beautiful section with a full-view ammunition catchbasin and SST bake blaze agitation arrangement that is dependable, abiding and apt for any occasion.

Enjoying a Colibri lighter


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