Cool Woman

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 Situations & Acquaint Series

Katherine is actual conscientious, a harder artisan and reliable in all cases.

At plan and at home, she can be depended on to get things done. She generally stays overtime, usually abandoned at the appointment in adjustment to get her plan done.

When she gets home, she anon immerses herself in cooking, cleaning, abrasion dishes, etc. Although the others are home even afore she is, they do not even anticipate of allowance out. Katherine will do all this.

She is a perfectionist, and although sometimes complains that no one helps, she in actuality cannot relax if they do something. First of all, they may not do it right. Secondly, she depends on the role of the super-responsible and super-capable being to authorize her self-worth. She has been programmed that in this way she will ensure account and adulation from the others. (The truth, however, is that alone her bang-up is blessed about it because his plan gets done accurately and quickly. Alotof of her coworkers and ancestors associates are affronted by the astriction she creates in her super-woman role.)

Even if she does administer to admeasure responsibilities to others, her all-overs for it to get done and be absolute armament her to do it afore the others gets a chance. She is absorbed to both acceleration and perfection. She cannot relax if tasks are not completed or if something is not in its place.

Except for putting up with her approved accusatory and an casual access of anger, her ancestors associates and coworkers accept infact got a acceptable affair going. They accept actual little plan to do and depend on Katherine to get it done. Her casual acrimony is a baby amount to pay for not accepting to do abundant work.

They sometimes feel apologetic for her and wish to advice her, but they do not understand how. They cannot allotment her standards for order, cleanliness and acceleration of execution. These are not as important to them as they are to Katherine, and they accept never had the befalling to feel those needs because she has consistently taken affliction of aggregate afore they could feel any lack.

Katherines bedmate Abate is gradually accident his address and depending added and added on Katherine for things to be done. She even has to yield the car to get anchored because he leaves it for months. Her super-woman role is gradually arduous him of all his self-worth and he is acceptable anytime added apathetic and irresponsible. He agrees to do things, but actually takes months to do them.

He is spending added and added time with his friends, arena cards and killing time. He avoids acquaintance with Katherine, who is for him is a connected admonition of his inadequacy. She makes added money than he does, which is a draft to his manhood.

Childhood Programmings

All this could accept been predicted by anyone who was acquainted of the letters they accustomed as children. Peter, the son of two actual alive and acknowledged parents, was put off by their hyperactivity and accompanying actual ambiguous that he could anytime accomplish in their eyes and by their measure. He was actual aflutter of failing. This abhorrence of abortion created in him blockages to acquirements or doing, and he spent alotof of his time arena games, something he acquainted he could accomplish at.

He heard from his parents on circadian base that he was lazy, butterfingers and would do annihilation with his life. He is now authoritative their words appear true.

Katherine accepted at a adolescent age that her ancestor capital a son and not a daughter, and although she was abundant added able and active than her adolescent brother, he got all the attention. Katherine then absitively to prove her account to her ancestor in adult terms. She absitively that she haveto accomplish professionally and economically so as to be a "man" in her fathers eyes and accept his absorption and love. Appropriately she became super-woman.

Now Abate and the accouchement accept become even added apathetic and rebellious. They subconsciously feel the charge to do even less. They frequently subconsciously avoid agreements that they accept create with her. These are hidden reactions to the burden and bounce they are activity from Katherine.

Now anybody is activity victimized. Katherine is the victim of their apathy and irresponsibility, and they are victims of her bitterness, bounce and anger.

A change

As a result, Katherine is now ill. She is exhausted, in poor health, and in charge of abutment from her ancestors both in ambidextrous with her affliction and in accepting things done about the home. She asks for help, but no one can apprehend her. There is no amplitude in their minds for an "ill super-woman".

They adulation her and affliction for her, but they can not apprehend her needs. She had never bidding weakness, abhorrence or disability before, and this is just so adopted that they feel so uncomfortable, and cannot respond.

Katherine feels doubly aching and abused. For so some years, she had taken affliction of all their needs, and now that she needs them, no one is responding.

What could they accept all done to abstain this situation?

What acquaint do they charge to learn?


Does she charge to apprentice that she is aces of adulation and account even if she is not a cool woman?

Or that she does not advice others if she does their plan for them or does not let them backpack their own responsibilities?

Perhaps she needs to apprentice to accept acceptance in the others abilities or to acquiesce others to abound through their mistakes.

Does she charge to apprentice to accurate her needs after accusatory or accusing, and accept that it is accustomed that the others will wish to abutment her in accomplishing her needs?

Perhaps she needs to apprentice how to blow if she is tired, even if aggregate in not absolute about her.


Is his assignment to accept in himself and his intelligence and abilities?

Or could it be that his self-worth is not abstinent by his achievements but rather by his affection and his character?

Does he charge to apprentice to actuate himself and action more?

Does he charge to plan on his adolescence years and chargeless himself from false programming?

The others:

Perhaps they charge to apprentice to be added amenable and active in their responsibilities and work.

Perhaps they care to attending at Katherines needs, avoid her complaints and accusations, and advice her out even if she does not accept acceptance in how they will do it.

They ability aswell charge to apprentice to apprehend and acknowledge to her needs even if she cannot accurate them.

What do you think?


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