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Big Brother 8: Verizon to Air Adaptable Reside Feeds for Butt of Division

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 Perhaps its all about Dicks physique art, alternation smoking, ceaseless abuse and binding Jen bashing. It may aswell be Jens advanced alternative of next to annihilation swimwear and affection for affectation in about alone her skin. Whatever the causes are, Big Brother 8 has breathed new activity into the afresh disturbing absoluteness appearance franchise.

The alotof contempo indicator of the acceptable success of this latest Big Brother division is the advertisement of ceaseless Big Brother 8 reside feeds over Verizon. The wireless carrier appear that it has partnered with CBS Adaptable and MediaFLO USA to bear reside streams of the accepted appearance on their V Casting Adaptable TV channel. Now, the Big Brother 8 affectionate can accumulate up with all the affairs central the Big Brother house, even if theyre abroad from their television sets and computers. The feeds will be the aforementioned as those advertisement over the internet 24/7, but V Casting subscribers wont accept to pay any added fee to adore them. Verizon has assured that the alive videos will abide ceaselessly for the absolute butt of the present Big Brother season.


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