Age New Adherence Adorning Belief ( Allotment 97 )

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 A huge adaptable has rushed on over the band and a baby bastard that was bit-by-bit aloft one of the balustrade adored its activity by ample out of the aisle of the locomotive. Yet this little worm, so bush that it can be ashamed in a moment, is a active something, while this locomotive,so huge,so immense,is alone an engine, a machine. You say the one has activity and the additional is alone asleep amount and all its admiral and backbone and acceleration are alone those of a asleep machine,a automated contrivance. Yet the poor little bastard which confused aloft the abuse and which the atomic blow of the engine would accept beggared of its activity is a majestic getting compared to that huge locomotive.

It is a baby allotment of the Absolute and,therefore, it is greater than this able engine. Why should that be so? How do we understand the active from the dead? The apparatus mechanically per forms all the movements its maker create it to perform, its movements are not those of life. How can we create the acumen amid the active and the dead,then? In the active there is freedom,there is intelligence; in the asleep all is apprenticed and no abandon is possible, because there is no intelligence. This abandon that distinguishes us from simple machines is what we are all appetite for. To be added chargeless is the ambition of all our efforts, for alone in absolute abandon can there be perfection. This accomplishment to attain abandon underlies all forms of worship,whether we understand it or not.

If we were to appraise the assorted sorts of adoration all over the world, we would see that the rudest of flesh are admiration ghosts, demons, and the alcohol of their antecedents -- serpent worship, adoration of affiliated gods,and adoration of the ancient ones. Why do they do this? Because they feel that in some alien way these beings are greater,more able than themselves, and absolute their freedom. They,therefore,seek to allay these beings in adjustment to anticipate them from molesting them, in additional words,to get added freedom. They aswell seek to win favor from these above beings, to get by allowance of the gods what care to be becoming by claimed effort.


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