Putting a Band on Bodies

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 With all the allocution about cat fishing rigs of assorted sorts, the focus is frequently on the terminal gear, and the bait, and the rod and reel, and area and how to angle for the Big ' uns, but not abundant is generally said about the band acclimated to angle for these monsters. To awning this subject, though, there are several key considerations to anticipate about.

For one thing, cat fishing is a sport, right? As such, putting a band in the baptize isn ' t just about hooking into a angle and carriage it in, but it ' s aswell about angry the angle on its own terms, and seeing if accomplishment can celebration over arduous power, and acreage a big cat, in the offing.

On the additional end of this balance, is using bereft accessory for the acuteness of the atom you are accepting yourself into. The old aphorism is, "don ' t accompany a knife to a gunfight". Big bodies are some of the alotof able angle in beginning water, and angry them is a boxy job, during which time, your rig will be put beneath amazing burden to perform... or, it will fail, and you will lose the fish.

Further, just if you anticipation you had absitively on the appropriate antithesis of backbone and acumen in gearing up for your fight, there ' s the affair of underwater conditions, such as copse structure, rocks, snags and annihilation abroad that can appear into acquaintance with your line. Aciculate edges of any affectionate can actively blemish your band strength, and big bodies assume to understand this, and will try their best to tie up or affray your line... and, zing!... Fish: 1, Angler: 0. So, in allotment your line, you ' ll charge to accede i) the admeasurement of the bodies you ' re after, ii) the blazon of anatomy in your fishing breadth and iii) the array of terminal rig you intend to use.

There are three capital types of lines, alotof all create of about the aforementioned abject materials, and about aggregate as monofilament, copolymer and complect lines. Monofilament ("one thread", as it translates from our ancestor ' s tongue) can be create of either nylon, or fluorocarbon. Monofilaments can then be sheathed one over the other, and bonded, creating copolymer, or they can be braided into a "superline".

There are several manufacturers of anniversary of these types, anniversary one alms what they accede the above band in their category. The absolute issues, for the boilerplate angler, as stated, are not, which artist cast to buy, but, how abundant of a band is bare for the fish, what altitude are getting fished, and maybe, what blazon of rod and reel are getting used?


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