In The Year 2020

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 At assorted times in man ' s story all animal affectionate including the Computer Man accept been apathetic with the bug of a time warp, a amplitude warp, and time travel. Some times it was to biking aback in time in an attack to change actual facts and outcomes one did not like. Additional times it was a seek for a approach of biking into the approaching in an accomplishment to accept what the seers of beforehand ancestors predicted and if and why such things should action us.

So, wherever you stand, catch your seatbelts if you are not a technophile. The Tennessee Abundance Man and Limited Helpdesk 1 are traveling to try to yield you on a abrupt run through time to the year 2020. Absolutely it is not that far abroad and the glimpse at the approaching may not be as abominable as it would accept been just seven abbreviate years ago at the about-face of the century.

Dacomputerman recalls if Seagate alien the first harder drive accessible to the accepted accessible in 1980 if you could allow it. At that time the best minds anticipation it was not accessible to body a bigger one for micro computers.

The Seagate harder drive captivated all of 5 Mega Bytes of data! It had been baffled to the bazaar seven years beforehand by the Winchester which in 1973 had congenital a beyond closed harder drive boasting a 30MB accommodation for bartering use. Afterwards all, who could or would anytime charge so abundant data accumulator capacity?

Each time a accommodation anniversary was breached, it was believed that it could not be surpassed. But alas we understand the end of that story. Not alone was accumulation accumulator accommodation anytime on the access but able on abate and abate harder drives. Unfortunately, we aswell understand the engineers accept been so bedeviled with accommodation that they accept not create the all-important improvements in performance.

When I purchased my first 1.2 gigabyte harder drive I anticipation I had accomplished Heaven. I promised my wife no added big-ticket toys. I assured her I could never ample that harder drive. Now I run four (count them...four) 500 GB harder drives on my desktop additional a USB external, and, yes, four of them are about 75 percent full. The "c" drive is about 50 percent of capacity. My laptop runs a 100 G with a 500 G USB external.

My wife has continued back chock-full assertive I willnot want, charge or buy annihilation bigger, faster, newer. That is both abating in that she is off my aback and alarming as there are so some advances advancing so apace that the old computerman could reside continued abundant to absorb a lot added money on these contraptions. They absolutely are addictive, you know?

They are aswell scary. Alarming mainly because of the beneath abiding apartof us. Boyish and adolescent developed males accept commonly been the blackmail then in the aboriginal 80s the law administration association acclaimed that females were apace acceptable added and added aggressive.

Then came the fundamentalist religious wars with Islamic Jihadist acceptable the recruiting war apartof the world ' s disenfranchised. Abounding with abhorrence they were anon using accouchement and women to backpack out their abominable activities on biting and dupe civilians apple wide.

The advances in physics, avant-garde medicines, nuclear sciences, and computer capabilities accept accustomed them to bang from a safe ambit while inflicting best damage. Today there is bird flu, clothing case nukes, a baleful aberration of the accepted cold, and a chiral few accept heard of first appear in 1998 on bio-hacking and aggressive appear those who gave us the computer virus.

Remote computer adjustment now fixes your computer over the internet. Just as calmly a hacker can now abort your data while you beddy-bye or plan or even while you watch helplessly. How continued do you infact anticipate it will be afore they can do abundant worse? even things that can bake or backfire your abode or office? accord you a alarming disease? or annihilate you from a safe abode bisected way about the world?

In July, 2000, Chris Oaks, in an commodity hosted by Active dot com put it this way:

"The hardest ambush could be to break sane amidst a snowstorm of archetype shifts.

"People (being able) to apprentice throughout their lives is traveling to be actually acute if we ' re traveling to accumulate beside of this -- and accumulate our brainy health," said Stanley Williams, administrator of the breakthrough structures analysis action at Hewlett-Packard Labs.

Watch for struggles with animal character as machines on the additional end of the buzz access the cerebration and acknowledging accommodation of the animal brain. Be able for a time if your doctor will be able to map your claimed genome as fast as he draws blood.

And as far as our angel computer is anxious -- well, you and your active new Pentium IV aren ' t so hot.

"I can cautiously say that the age of accretion hasn ' t even amorphous yet," Williams said. "We ' re still arena about in about Rock Age times technologically." "

He continued, "In 2020, "our electronics will be 10,000 times as able as they are today," Williams said."

Needless to say by the year 2020 there are things on the border that our admirable and abundant grandchildren haveto face which makes our story with electronics and technology assume as little added than pablum, and that is area I am infact headed.


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