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U.S. Patriot Act Is Traveling To Annihilate Me

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 I am traveling to die. I do not understand absolutely how continued I accept to reside but my afterlife is imminent. I anticipate I may accept 10 canicule afore the medications that accumulate me from afterlife run out. Currently, at the autograph of these words, I accept no admission to money to furnish the medications. It isn ' t that I do not accept money. It is that I accept actually no admission to the money that I have.

I will activate to accept the afterward affection eventually or after afterwards I run out of medication:

Increased acuteness to cold


Pale, dry skin

A bil low y face

Hoarse voice

elevated claret cholesterol level

Unexplained weight gain

Muscle aches, amore and stiffness

Pain, acerbity or abscess in your joints

Muscle weakness

Heavier than accustomed menstrual periods


The best I go after the medications the worse the affection will become. I will advance something alleged myxedema. Admitting it is rare, but it can be activity threatening. Signs and affection cover low claret pressure, decreased breathing, decreased physique temperature, aloofness and even coma. In some cases, myxedema can be fatal. I am abiding my annihilation will appear added bound because of the added problem of a above-mentioned affection condition. I aswell can ' t admission my money to buy the medications to ascendancy that.

My wife and I confused to Guanajuato, Mexico in August 2003. The cause we did is because we were affected to departer due to the impossibility of paying for medications in the Affiliated States. In addition, I accept Fibromyalgia Affection and all its accompanying problems. We became clumsy to allow the meds we bare to abide living. We had to leave America. So we begin a solution: Mexico. Actuality I can buy all my medications for the amount of ONE co-pay with the American allowance we had. Affective to Mexico was a breeze for us.

What the U.S. Federal Government has done is forbid me from accepting an American Coffer annual into which my affliction paymentsour actual livinghas been deposited. In fact, the antithesis I had in my annual as able-bodied as my December 3rd, 2007 anon deposited affliction analysis is missing. The coffer annual was bankrupt alofasudden and after admonishing two weeks ago and we accept had no admission to our money anytime since.

We were cyberbanking with Netbank (Atlanta, Georgia), an Internet and all-embracing bank. Through some bad decisions create by the admiral at Netbank, the Admiral bankrupt Netbank down. The coffer accepted as, ING, allegedly bought the accounts from Netbank. On November 23rd, 2007 our ATM cards chock-full working. If I arrested the Netbank website I begin my annual closed. Admitting I knew ING would be affairs Netbank ' s accounts, we were led to accept from a letter ING beatific that the alteration would be seamless and we the barter charge not anguish or do anything.

When I anon internationally alleged ING from Mexico, I was told my annual was bankrupt because I reside in Mexico. As a U.S. citizen, I accept my primary abode in Mexico. I do accept a acknowledged abode in Florida from which I accept my mail. However, according to ING as able-bodied as all the big name banks we called, because we reside in Mexico as our primary residence, we are denied an account. All the banks we alleged claimed the American Federal Government is banishment the banks to accede with some accouterment of the Patriot Act that essentially:


As a built-in and bred American aborigine it is accepted that unless I can prove my chastity by bartering an American abode (they term: a concrete address) that I am active drugs, complex in a money bed-making scheme, or am a agitator and accordingly cannot accessible an American coffer account. They wish me to appearance a lease, utilities in my name, or a buzz amount in my name. Or, they wish me to appearance a driver ' s authorization or Accompaniment Id with my U.S. concrete abode on it.

I accept lived in Mexico for about 5 years. I no best drive due to my illness. My wife let her driver ' s authorization blooper back we reside actuality now. And for our agitation we not alone had our coffer annual closed, but someone, and it isn ' t us, has our money preventing us from affairs life-sustaining medications.


As a chronically ill American with an cureless illness, I was denied, in America, affordable drugs that I bare to survive.

I had to move to and become a citizen of Mexico in adjustment to allow life-sustaining medications.

I had a altogether acceptable coffer annual with Netbank that create abhorrent banking decisions that concluded up accepting themselves shut down by the feds.

When ING coffer bought the accounts they bankrupt ours back we lived in Mexico. They did not acquaint me through any agency of communication. They artlessly deactivated the annual abrogation me no admission to my money.

The antithesis I had in my annual is missing. I do not accept it. Anyone took it out of our annual and it was neither me nor my wife who withdrew it.

I alleged Netbank and ING Coffer and neither of them can acquaint me area my money is.

No coffer in the U.S. will accessible a new annual for us so I can accept my affliction payments anon deposited because they affirmation that unless I prove my chastity that I am not a biologic agent bed-making biologic money with accessible agitator ties, that I am accusable of those crimes and cannot accept an account.

As an American aborigine I am getting accepted to be accusable of something instead of getting accepted innocent. I am getting denied my basal animal rights of the anticipation of chastity until Accurate guilty. The accountability of affidavit is aloft me instead of those who create the accusation of guilt.

The accepted of affidavit that would get me an American coffer annual is Absurd back I am an departer in Mexico. I cannot fly to American, hire a house, and about-face on the utilities in my name, just so I can get an annual in an American bank.

My Affliction analysis has aswell abolished into the Netbank/ING Bank/Patriot Act Afterglow Zone.

I am allurement for help. I am allurement for actual advice afore my medications run out on me. I anticipate I accept about ten canicule account of meds larboard and thendeath!

What has happened is not just arbitrary but should be illegal.

Unless I can alofasudden achieve admission to my money, I will alotof absolutely die. I cannot reside after the thyroid or affection medication.

I am not the one who create bad banking decisions, as did those at Netbank. I should not be punished for that. Nor should I be punished for the sins of biologic runners, money launderers, or terrorists.

I had to move to Mexico because I could not allow to reside in America, the acreage of my birth. I am getting punished for that accommodation also.

I should not be punished by getting denied an American coffer annual because the government cannot assume to ascendancy Americans committing bent acts in the Affiliated States. I should not be punished for accepting to reside in addition country with bigger decree costs and a lower amount of living.

I should not be punished for the sins and mistakes of anyone else.

And, I should not be denied admission to my money.
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