Thailands Peacekeeping Role in Southeast Asia

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 Vision Statement:

The Aristocratic Thai Government and the Aristocratic Thai Armed Armament accept a eyes of added civic peacekeeping accommodation and a added alive role in announcement peace, stability, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the region. By developing an able training system, accord operations doctrine, and developing our trainers to UN-certified standards, Thailand will accomplish the self-sustainable adequacy to alternation admiral throughout Asia, be able to advance peace, and become a bounded baton in accord operations.


To apprehend this eyes aural the next 5 years, Thailand will focus on 5 areas:

1. Development of Peacekeeping doctrine.

2. Advance UN-certified adviser cadres and curriculum.

3. Development and conduct of alone and aggregate training courses.

4. Architecture accord operations training centers at the Absolute Command Address in Bangkok, and the Aristocratic Thai Army Infantry Centermost in Prajuabkirikhan

5. Advance EIPC and APRI allotment to beforehand our all-embracing eyes and strategy.

Thai Civic Behavior


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