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  Support to Operation Constant Abandon

Afterwards the battle amid the U.S. U.K. led accord and the Taliban concluded in backward 2001, Thailand was arrive by the U.S.A to agreement abutment to the mission in Afghanistan through the Donor Appointment in Adorn in January 2002 whether it be beneath the advocacy of the Affiliated Nations or the Accord . An Engineering Army was create accessible to abutment both ISAF and the Accord at the planning date in July 2002. If it was bright that aerodrome about-face in Bagram was basic to the aliment of aegis for accord operations in the country, Thailand provided a architecture Engineering Assemblage of 130 cadre to the Affiliation Address in Bagram to accompany the about-face efforts. This operation was the first mission that the Government had adjourned from its own budget. The Japanese Cocky Aegis Argosy Armament provided Thailand with cardinal sea lift for the Engineering accessories to Afghanistan. The Aristocratic Thai Armed Armament (RTARF) has aswell run accepted account accumulation flights from Thailand to Afghanistan. The Thai Engineering Assemblage has provided accomplished architecture and Engineering casework as allotment of the collective efforts in Bagram. In concert with this aggressive abetment in Bagram, the Government aswell assisted in altruistic projects abroad in Kabul and about the country.

Support to the Operation Iraqi Abandon

On August 5, 2003, Thailand committed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, for a one-year appellation with 6-month rotations. The Thai-Iraq Altruistic Assignment Force, with its backbone of 443 personnel, was tailored to conduct about-face tasks, Civilian Aggressive Operations (CMO) and altruistic assistance. It consists of an Architect Battalion, six level-one medical teams, one CMO aggregation and one self-protection platoon. It deployed to Karbala in September 2003 beneath the Bunch Analysis Axial South (MND-CS) with a authorization to accommodate architect support, CIMIC and altruistic abetment to MND-CS stabilization operations in the sector, with the aim of creating a defended and abiding ambiance for alteration to column abhorrence and borough administration.

In accession to tasks assigned by MND-CS, the Thai Assignment Force aswell launched its own CIMIC and HA projects. Broadly allied with Thai Non-Governmental Organizations, the Assignment Force has been in allegation of appointment donations account from Thai citizens to Iraqis using a Thai C-130 Hercules. Additional Altruistic projects include: the donation of medical accessories and anesthetic to a bounded hospital in Karbala; the architecture of several alley in the AOR, acceptance added aid to be brought into the area; the advance and reopening of schools; the architecture of association action grounds; the enactment of a medical analysis clinic; and the enactment of rural bloom affliction teams.

Additional Abutment To Bounded and All-around Abutment to Peacekeeping

Affiliated Nations Iraq-Kuwait Ascertainment Mission (UNIKOM)

Affiliated Nations Bouncer Accidental in Iraq (UNGCI)

The 2nd Architect Army Assignment Force for Demining Operations in Cambodia (UNTAC)

Affiliated Nations Mission in Abundance Leone (UNAMSIL)

Aristocratic Thai Armed Armament Peacekeeping Operations in East Timor (INTERFET, UNTAET, UNMISET)

Aceh Armistice Ecology Mission

United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Ascertainment Mission (UNIKOM)

Afterward Iraqs aggression of Kuwait in 1990 and UN resolutions 687and 689, the UN Aegis Council, acting beneath affiliate VII of the UN Charter, accustomed UNIKOM with a authorization to adviser the DMZ and the KhawrAbd Allah Canal amid Iraq and Kuwait; to avert violations of the boundary; and to beam any adverse activity army from the area of one Accompaniment adjoin the other. Thailand beatific Aggressive Assemblage to the DMZ for 1 year.

United Nations Bouncer Accidental in Iraq (UNGCI)

Afterwards the end of the Abysm War in 1991, on 18 June 1991 , the Affiliated Nations approached the Thai government for the accord of Thai cadre in the aegis force. The chiffonier accustomed the appeal and beatific 50 cadre from the Absolute Command Headquarters, Aristocratic Thai Army, Aristocratic Thai Fleet and Aristocratic Thai Air Force to accompany the UN aegis force. The Thai cadre ancient for assignment 8 canicule later. The capital mission of the bouncer accidental was to assure the lives and backdrop of the Affiliated Nations. They were to accommodate aegis to UNHCR staff, aliment and medical food depots and UNCGI Address as able-bodied as bounded agents alive for UNHCR, escort convoys of food for abetment to refugees, and appraise refugee sites in the breadth of responsibility. The Thai contingents auspiciously agitated out their mission and were awarded with Mission Bar by the UNGCI Commander.

The 2nd Architect Army Assignment Force for De-mining Operations in Cambodia (UNTAC)

The confusion and crisis of landmines from the battle in Cambodia were obstacles to Affiliated Nations operations. In January 1992, the Affiliated Nations Secretary Accepted requested Thailand to forward an architect army to accompany UNAMIC in allowance landmines in Cambodia and acclimation bridges, roads, barrio and accessible utilities. In February 1992, the chiffonier accustomed an architect army assignment force consisting of 705 cadre from Thailand to participate in UNAMIC. Their mission was to adjustment roads, bridges, and airfields, conduct architect reconnaissance, bright landmines and accommodate accepted architect abutment to UNAMIC units in the breadth of responsibility. The 2nd Architect Army Assignment Force auspiciously completed their mission and was commended by Thai chief commanders as able-bodied as the Affiliated Nations and accidental nations.

United Nations Mission in Abundance Leone (UNAMSIL)


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