Cope Tiger 2007

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 The skies over this air abject in axial Thailand are abounding with the sounds of fighter jets agreeable on abandonment and landing as Exercise Cope Tiger 2007 gets underway.

This is the 13th year for Cope Tiger, a multilateral, collective Thai/U.S. sponsored Exercise amid the nations of Thailand, Singapore and the Affiliated States.

Approximately 600 account associates from the Affiliated States and 600 accumulated from Singapore and Thailand are accepted to participate in the two-week Exercise .

"The ally of Thailand, Singapore and the Affiliated States accept a story of alive calm and we wish to abide that relationship," said Col. Vincent Ferrell, the Air Force Exercise director. "This Exercise allows us to plan from the appropriate akin up through the command and ascendancy pieces as well."

U.S., Thai and Singaporean armament will absorb the Exercise administering close-air abutment operations, air refueling missions, seek and accomplishment operations and accepted assemblage procedures such as mission planning.

"The key point actuality is that aircrafts are able to allotment data and plan calm to accomplish a accepted objective, whether it is seek and accomplishment in a action ambiance or air to air application adjoin an adversary," Colonel Ferrell said.

Humanitarian abatement will aswell play a ample role during Cope Tiger. Medical and dental teams from Thailand and Singapore will accompany U.S. units from Japan, Okinawa and Hawaii accouterment basal medical and dental affliction to association of the communities surrounding Udon Thani and Korat.

Medical associates apprehend to see and amusement about 2,000 patients during the two-week exercise. Exercise Cope Tiger 2007 runs from Jan. 29 through Feb. 9 at air bases at Korat and Udon Thani.

Exercises are captivated annually and accommodate training that is benign to all militarys concerned. Usually referred to as war amateur in the bounded media, they accommodate added altruistic casework than war preparation. These contest strengthen friendships apartof countries and accommodate opportunities to plan calm in ascetic environments.


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