Zeitgeist: A Cine For The Time

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 Since June 2007, the cine "ZEITGEIST" has been demography the internet by storm. As of December 2007, ZEITGEIST had already aggregate added than 6 actor hits, authoritative it one of the alotof accepted online videos of all time. In fact, on Google video, ZEITGEIST was the no. 1 video for the months of November and December 2007, and there doesn ' t assume to be any endlessly it. The movie ' s creator, Abate Joseph, has appear some 40,000 to 60,000 hits to his website, ZEITGEISTmovie.com, per day! Also, in November 2007, ZEITGEIST was presented a "Best Feature" accolade at the celebrated Artivists Blur Anniversary at the Egyptian amphitheater in Hollywood. As one of the sources for Allotment 1 of ZEITGEIST, I was in appearance as a featured console apostle acclamation some 650 people, who aggregate a alarming evening. Both Abate and I accept aswell done several radio programs acclamation the capacity aloft in ZEITGEIST, with me specializing in Allotment 1. The movie ' s account has aswell been translated into a amount of languages, including German. Truly, ZEITGEIST is a all-around phenomenon!

What is so appropriate about ZEITGEIST that it has admiring so abundant attention? First of all, the cine is done in a actual able address - and, secondly, its bulletin is controversial, to say the least! Back my plan aggressive some of Allotment 1, I can alone altercate as an able that segment, which deals with religious conspiracy. Allotment 1, in fact, claims that our avant-garde religions, including and abnormally Christianity, are not "original" or "new revelation" but remakes of age-old faiths, decidedly that of the Egyptians. In my books, "The Christ Conspiracy" and "Suns of God," I accept striven to authenticate that fact, with a accumulated 1000+ pages of alluring analysis as to the true acceptation of religion. Because of the acute altercation surrounding ZEITGEIST, with forums all over the net affianced in acrimonious debates over the movie, I accept now completed an ebook accurately acclamation some of the comparisons amid the Egyptian adoration and Christianity. This new ebook is alleged "The Accompaniment Adviser to ZEITGEIST, Allotment 1," and it scientifically examines the declared parallels amid the Egyptian god Horus and the Jewish godman Jesus, including whether or not Horus was built-in on December 25th of a "virgin," apartof additional important assertions create in ZEITGEIST. The analysis on this accountable was so abounding that I was clumsy to put it all into an ebook. In about 50 pages, I did, however, administer to highlight these cogent issues, including age-old assets in their aboriginal languages, with translations!


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