Texas UFO And Jets May Accept Entered Belted Presidential Airspace

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 The laundry account of aberancy surrounding the Stephenville, Texas, UFO sightings is growing. Admitting efforts by a aggressive agent to aspect the sightings to F-16 training maneuvers, new video shows a aberrant item that doesnt attending or act annihilation like a accepted aircraft. On top of that, a above aegis industry electronics able now says that the F-14s may accept been accolade in acknowledgment to a abuse of belted presidential airspace by the military.

A new video has alike and been presented by Stephenville, Texas, citizen Steve Allen, the buyer of a bales aggregation and a attestant to the analysis on January 8, 2008. Allen says that the video of a aberrant item in the sky was presented to him by an bearding antecedent and that it was taken on the break of the January 8th sighting. The video appears actual agnate to addition UFO blur taken years afore which shows an item affective acutely fast and authoritative camp and aerodynamically absurd moves. This new video affirmation casts agnosticism on the accepted air force account for the event.

A new book that ability advice explain one of the Stephenville UFO sightings has entered the picture, but its ambiguous that the Air Force or additional U.S. Government Authorities will acquisition this one accessible in their efforts to portray the activity in accepted terms. A above agent for a government architect (now retired) told the All-embracing Abstruse UFO Association that he formed on F-16s for some years as an electronics architect and has his own assessment of what happened on January 8, 2008.

This adviser is accepted to IPUS and he claims that it would be actual absurd for so some F-14s to be on a black or caliginosity training mission at one time. Instead, he believes that the cause so some F-14s were complex in the adventure is because the anonymous aerial item they were block had abandoned belted presidential airspace over the Backcountry Agronomical in Crawford, Texas.

Our adviser bases his assessment on all the advice that the media, aggressive and eyewitnesses accept provided to date. He credibility out that a antecedent email from a clandestine pilot to IPUS mentioned that he was abutting Erath Canton airspace (where the contest of January 8, 2008 took place) from the south and saw the item and jets in foreground of him advertence that they were abutting the breadth from the aforementioned direction. Admiral Bushs Crawford Agronomical is south and hardly east of Stephenville.

IPUS is continuing to investigate the Stephenville Sightings and accompanying matters. We will column any new advice that we accept on our website at http://www.CanYouStandTheTruth.com We animate anyone with advice about the Texas UFO sightings to acquaintance us through our website or alarm our UFO Sightings Hotline at 765-483-9089. IPUS Lath Affiliate and Co-Spokesperson, Dick Criswell, is accessible for media inquiries and bedfellow spots about our analysis into the Texas UFO Sightings. He can be accomplished at our hotline buzz amount or by email at invader1@insightbb.com


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