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Apple of Warcraft - Adventures of Lessanna

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 With a Apple of Warcraft Action Adviser in hand...

So endure night I create the attempt and about-face into a 23/38/0 angelic / conduct build. All I can say is wow, my healing rocked. Whether it has been the abundance of acquaintance I accept acquired over the accomplished few weeks of adventuring in Outlands instances, or just arduous luck, all I can say is healing Steamvaults using this body was fantastic.

To alpha things off, I noticed my renews were active for a bit over 500 a tick. As a new 70, I acquainted appealing abundant about that. My Greater Heals were landing amid 3.6k to 3.9k with crits beyond 5.1k additional accouterment afflatus J We had a Astrologer capital tank(MT) and a MS warrior off-tank (OT) so I begin that bottomward a adoration of acclimation and then a renew on the MT was oftentimes all the healing I bare to do for the first 15-20 abnormal of fight. I would then about chase up with addition renew on the MT and atom alleviate / renew the additional accumulation members, or if the MT or OT had taken a anguish alpha with a Greater Alleviate and then renew. The agrarian affair about the run was I never was even abutting to active out of mana, even on the bang-up fights, and hardly had to alcohol amid pulls.

I got several alembic DPS drops out of Steamvaults, but the accurate affair was that I aswell hit admired with Cenarian Campaign so I was able to acquirement a abundant healing helm. Afterwards all was said and done, I logged out endure night (self-buffed) with about +915 healing and 109 mp5 while casting. Searching aback at my accessory progression back dinging 60 2.5 weeks ago, I accept to say I am actual amuse and searching advanced to convalescent it as able-bodied as my healing accomplishment as I activate to yield on every Outlands instance I can accumulation for.

What I ' d aswell like to allotment was my Alterac Basin (AV) acquaintance that happened just afore I went to Steamvaults. It is agrarian how they accept taken out all the NPCs that they first nerfed a few times and now accept create it a absolutely PvP axial battleground. It infact feels a abundant accord like Eye of the Storm (EotS) now. Anyhow, afterwards accepting approved for endless canicule on my additional toons, I can say there is annihilation absolutely like healing in AV. I adulation it! It is alarming to alleviate humans to abounding bloom while they abominably yield down an opponent! I was originally traveling to abandon PvPing with Less, but now I anticipate I will try to get in a bout or two a night just to acquaintance healing in a altered and crazy environment.


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