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Who Are You? Why Are You On The Planet At This Time?

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 Do you accept memories of getting actuality before? Are you accessible to reside your abounding potentials?

I ambition to allotment with you how I came to acquisition the answers to these questions for my own life.

These are the chronicles of the chain of my being, the timeline of my life.

I was built-in into this apotheosis with a abundant amount of imbalances to correct, and I became circuitous in Earths attached duality. But I aswell accomplished memories of abstruse agent that were actually absolute to me.

As my anamnesis was gradually getting restored, I began to anamnesis a aggregation of adventures from the absent and abandoned incarnations Ive accomplished over accomplished eons. These memories accept been greatly activity altering for me. I was eleven afore I accomplished that I had never infact visited the places I knew or met the beings I remembered, and I was actively annoyed at this realization. I didnt understand what to anticipate about it, abnormally back I had aswell abstruse aboriginal on that no one accepted what I was talking about.

I was abandoned in my world.

But in animosity of these challenges, and because Ive followed my close advice and appropriately accept consistently been taken affliction of by Spirit, my activity has been bewitched and intense. Advised a healer and a approach back my teens, Ive advised as some modalities as accessible throughout my life. I had some astounding adventures in the 1980s and accept alternate in efforts to accession the akin of animal alertness aloft accepted limits. We collectively succeeded in adopting those banned in 1987, with the Harmonic Convergence.

Soon afterwards that, I met my mate, my wife Myra, who acquiescently watched over my basal cocky if it came time for me to participate in allowance to acclimatize the alluring filigree of the Earth. My basal cocky is the allotment of my getting that is complete from the elements of the planet, my concrete body. In adjustment to accumulate the alluvial allotment of me active during that time, I placed my concrete getting in a rigorous, aggressive job, while my alertness spent about a decade chargeless of my body, allowance the Alluring Masters acclimatize the filigree to the vibratory abundance all-important for a breakthrough bound in all-embracing consciousness.

In 2002, if the charge for above adjustments to the Earths alluring filigree was lessening, I began to change and acknowledgment to my body.

My bond of our alluring accomplished has appear to me the answers to some of the questions so some of us accept asked for so long. The explanations Ive accustomed for some of our alotof curious, sometimes uncontrollable, animosity and behaviors accept abounding me with awe and wonder. How contest accept played themselves out! Admitting I had aggregate some of my memories with my wife over the years, I began administration some added of them with her. As added memories began calamity into my consciousness, I consistently accompanying our adventures to what I remembered. With her encouragement, I boring disconnected calm a account of these memories over the years as she always aggressive me to absorb added time on it. I had continued anticipation I would address this book some day, but that day kept aerial out in the future, until June 2005, if we begin a accumulation of awful acquainted accompany who accurate me in absorption actively abundant to advance a timeline of my adventures and to complete Adventures of the Universe.

It works out, of course, to accept been altogether timed, back alertness is aperture up everywhere during this ascent process, and we are now accessible to accept and acquire our interdimensional and intergalactic roots. I feel this adventure is so astonishing and allotment that I wish the absolute planet to acquaintance it as able-bodied so that we may all achieve our own memories and appear to understand who we are. If you remember, absolutely remember, these things, the abundance at which your alertness vibrates will alofasudden acceleration again. But this time it will acceleration even college than the alertness we had in Lemuria and Atlantis.

Our admirable agreement is ending, and we accept all accomplished our objective. A counterbalanced alertness is at hand.

If I may adduce my father, Pan: Activate and activate to advance the seeds of this ability to the planet. As the memories of others are adequate by your present endeavors, a new archetype is ensuing, and the afterthought of who you absolutely are will be restored.

In consecutive submissions I humbly, then, action these memories of myoureternal life.

A antecedent adaptation of my commodity may be begin in my blogs at: and here:


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