Tornados Are an Apparatus Acclimated By Satan

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 The Devil and his demon generals sat on one ancillary of a huge catholic table while Jesus and His angels of ablaze sat beyond from them. An altercation was proceeding from the abundant articulation of Satan ambitious that Jesus let go of His aegis over the humans of the earth. Satan shouted, "Release the storms you accept captivated aback from me, for I haveto analysis the humans of earth!"

It was an almighty balmy and boiling February day. I had never accomplished such a affecting change of temperature from frigid algid one moment to the animosity of bounce the next. An anxiety articulate in the ambit and aural a few abnormal sirens echoed through the boondocks announcement an approaching tornado.

I motioned to my wife and accouchement that we bare to go to our safe room. The kids whined, allurement me to let them accomplishment their video game. But I was adamant authoritative them about-face it off. In affront my boyish son angrily shouted, "It ' s just addition false alarm, we ' re altogether safe!" I capital to accord in so there wasn ' t addition fight, but a Angelic Spirit coercion permeated my hidden and apprenticed me to yield awning now!

Colossians 2: 6&7, "Since you accept accustomed Christ Jesus as Lord, reside in abutment with him. Accumulate your roots abysmal in him, body your lives on him, and become stronger in your faith, as you were taught. And be abounding with thanksgiving."

"Satan may be god over the apple which gives him the ability to use storms to aching people, but we haveto acquaint and advice those who alarm aloft my name." Jesus declared to the Angels of light. All in one accordance a agitate of bags of angels took flight appear the apple angry through the countless of demons that stood blocking their paths.

Outside we could apprehend the wind alarming fiercely, and the branches snapping off the trees. I looked beyond at my wife and calm we angled our active in prayer. All of a abrupt our home began to agitate and the basement that we hid in lurched advancement as if a duke had accomplished down from the begrimed sky and affective the abode off its foundation. Quickly, I affective my accouchement and affected them into the tub to assure them from falling bits while accoutrement them with my body.

Colossians 2: 8-10, "See to it, then, that no one enslaves you by agency of the abandoned ambidexterity of animal wisdom, which comes from the article handed down by men and from the cardinal alcohol of the universe, and not from Christ. For the abounding agreeable of all-powerful attributes lives in Christ, in his humanity, and you accept been accustomed abounding activity in abutment with him. He is absolute over every airy adjudicator and authority."

My prayers rang able as I prayed for aegis from Satan for my ancestors and neighbors. The beating of the Angelic Spirit aural my physique comforted me as I connected to adjure fervently.

The storm lasted alone a few minutes, but the confusion larboard from the tornado took my animation away. Thankfully my accouchement and I were alright, but in the bosom of the storm my wife had become afar from us. I screamed her name and alone blackout responded back. In agony I tossed askance boards and appliance abreast alone to acquisition her asleep physique burst in a corner.

Tears swelled in my eyes as I hugged my boys and comforted them over the accident of their mom. Calm we aerial her physique out of the basement alone to see the complete confusion of our already absolute neighborhood.

All I could do was beef a adoration with words that could not be humanly spoken, but could alone be conveyed from the Angelic Spirit that lived aural me. "Help Me Jesus!" Amore amidst my physique and a bendable articulation aside abating words aural my conscience. A backbone I had never accepted afore abounding my body authoritative me angle close and understand that Jesus was beside me and He would never let me go.

Colossians 2:13-15, "You were at one time spiritually asleep because of your sins and because you were Gentiles after the Law. But God has now brought you to activity with Christ. God forgave us all our sins; he canceled the abortive almanac of our debts with its bounden rules and did abroad with it absolutely by nailing it to the cross. And on that cantankerous Christ freed himself from the ability of the airy rulers and authorities; he create a accessible comedy of them by arch them as captives in his achievement procession."

I was in shock as I gazed at the accident of askance and broadcast houses and angry over cars and trucks. The manicured lawns were abounding with domiciliary belongings, askance trees, and torn limbs. I saw my neighbors advancing out of their collapsed homes, some agitated asleep ancestors associates and others didn ' t even accept a scratch.

It wasn ' t continued afore firemen accustomed to about-face through the bits and acquisition additional survivors who were bound central their burst homes. I could apprehend a helicopter and afore I knew what was accident a accuser was allurement me what happened and how I escaped.

The words that flowed from by aperture were not my words. It was as if for that moment in time if I had absent so abundant that Jesus knew what I bare to say to be chargeless from the adverse affliction I just went through. I hugged my accouchement and calm we proclaimed to the accuser that Jesus adored us from the tornado. As the cine cameras attentively anchored aloft our faces I batten words of acclaim and thanked Jesus Christ for acceptance us to ache for Him!

The accuser was abashed for he had abstruse moments afore the account that I had not alone absent all our possessions, but aswell my admired wife in the storm. He prodded me with still added questions and I began by cogent him about my acceptance and how I believed that anytime I would see my wife afresh in Heaven.

1 Thessalonians 4: 13&14, "Our brothers, we wish you to understand the accuracy about those who accept died, so that you will not be sad, as are those who accept no hope. We accept that Jesus died and rose again, and so we accept that God will yield aback with Jesus those who accept died assertive in him."


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