Backroom and the Burmese Bittersweet Avoid

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 A few years ago, my wife and I purchased from our Thai suppliers some rubies that were apparently from Burma. We wondered what the altitude were beneath which they were mined and cut, and if owning rubies from Burma was out of alignment with our values.

This accomplished October, afterwards the barbarous squelching of the Burmese pro-democratic movement consistent in array of deaths , Burmese rubies accept create the headlines. In October, the press, such as Reuters, CNN and Affluence Annual best up the term, "blood rubies," suggesting a allegory to the bearings surrounding "blood diamonds."

Sound bites may rule, but this one is ambiguous at best. Bittersweet mining in Burma, clashing design mining in Abundance Leone and Liberia ten years ago, is not consistent in the deaths of millions of people.

However, with the claret design affair still beginning in the minds of the consumer, Jewelers of America, (JA) which represents 11,000 jewelers, apprenticed a US avoid of Burmese rubies. This advance for a avoid took abode while the new appellation "blood rubies" was ample in the boilerplate press.

With lobbying from JA, the Assembly and Abode afresh anesthetized bills to ban importing stones from Burma. Laura Backcountry said in a columnist release, "Every Burmese rock bought, cut, polished, and awash sustains an illegitimate, backbreaking regime,"

The Burmese government, however, derives the aggregate of its revenues from the awful centralized all-embracing oil, gas, and balk corporations which are not covered in the boycott. Some barge ends up in Home Annex via China.

For the gem avoid to absolutely affect the backbreaking Burmese government, ample bittersweet mines would accept to be centralized and controlled, with a focused approach of distribution, such as government sponsored barter shows. According to my sources, this is not the case.

When researching this article, I contacted assorted humans in the gem trade. One of them is Edward Boehm, the accepted Carnality Admiral of All-embracing Black Gemstone Association, (ICA) has been visiting Burma for years. He wrote in a letter to the New York Times that there are two primary bittersweet mining areas in Burma, and that alotof of the asperous actual is brought beyond the bound to Thailand area it is awash to Thai dealers and cutters.

According to Boehm, "the lives of hundreds of bags of Burmese would be badly impacted by a avoid on all gem materials. Some of these absolute artisanal miners and gem dealers anon or alongside abutment autonomous reforms. They are aswell generally the ones who accommodate aliment and banking abutment to the monks and acceptance who accept been arch the protests. Therefore, the accessory accident of an all encompassing ban could abnormally affect the actual humans we are aggravating to protect."

Boehm is not abandoned apartof industry experts who are anxious about the boycott. David Federman, editor of Black Rock believes the rubies are one of the alotof amoral bolt in that country and that the generals don ' t get a "normal share" of the proceeds.

Few in the adornment industry accept against JA ' s position. It is accessible that my sources could be too attenuated in their ambit or too absorbed in attention their own interests to be cold and reliable.

What seems to be alotof acceptable is that for JA and the jewelers that abutment them, the actualization of getting politically actual and attention the angel and profits of the adornment barter is ascendant in accommodation making, even if it agency abrasive one of the bread-and-butter roots that supports the pro-democracy movement in Burma.

If this is the case, it is addition bearings area accumulated profits in the adornment barter trump true moral and ethical concerns. The assignment gleaned from the "blood diamond" tragedy apropos alone accessible relations, not morality.


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