Cow Aegis Is Actual Important

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 Prabhupada: Vaisya agency the bartering community. They are meant for giving aegis to the animal s, for bearing atom and trading. That ' s all. Because aforetime there was no industry, humans about depended on agronomical work. Accordingly the assignment of the bartering association was to aftermath aliment grains, distributing them, and giving aegis to the cows. As the baron was entrusted to assure the lives of the citizens, analogously the vaisya class, or the bartering class, were entrusted to assure the lives of the cows. Why decidedly beasts are protected? Because milk is a actual capital aliment for the animal society. Accordingly cow aegis is the assignment of the animal society. That is the apperception of the Vedic literature.

Protecting the beasts and accouterment them grass for agriculture are apartof the capital needs of animal association and for the abundance of humans in general. Beastly fat appropriate for the animal physique can be aswell acquired from cow ' s milk. Cow ' s milk is actual important for the animal physique and the bread-and-butter development of association depends on acceptable aliment grains, acceptable milk and acceptable busline and administration of these products. Aristocrat Sri Krsna, by His claimed example, accomplished us the accent of cow protection. This is not alone meant for India but for all animal beings all over the universe.

Less able humans belittle the amount of cow ' s milk which is aswell alleged "gorasa", or abstract from the cow ' s body. Milk is the alotof admired anatomy of "gorasa" and from milk we can adapt some important and admired food for the budget of the animal body. The killing of beasts by animal association is one of the grossest baleful policies, and those who are afraid to breed the animal spirit haveto about-face their absorption first against the affair of cow protection.

As accounting in Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.1, and analogously the vaisyas, krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam vaisya-karma svabhava-jam [Bg. 18.44], they should be accomplished in three things:



3.Cow protection

That is essential, agronomics and cow protection. And vanijyam. Vanijyam agency trade. If there is balance milk product, if there is balance atom product, then you can advertise them to others. Nowadays the barter is that you yield as abundant milk as you can, and then annihilate the beastly and advertise the beef to additional countries. That is traveling on. No. Go-raksya. Cow aegis is very, actual capital in animal association because it gives milk, the phenomenon food. You can create hundreds and bags of preparations, all not alone delicious, but they attend the brain. You can get acceptable brain. Accordingly go-raksya, cow aegis is abnormally recommended.

As accounting in the acceptation to Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.18.52, if one is accomplished to account and adoration the beasts and brahmanas, he is infact civilized. The adoration of the Absolute Aristocrat is recommended, and the Aristocrat is actual addicted of the beasts and brahmanas (namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca). In additional words, a acculturation in which there is no account for the beasts and brahmanas is condemned. One cannot become spiritually avant-garde after accepting the brahminical abilities and giving aegis to cows. Cow aegis insures acceptable aliment able with milk, which is bare for an avant-garde civilization. One should not adulterate acculturation by bistro the beef of cows. A acculturation haveto do something progressive, and then it is an Aryan civilization. Instead of killing the cow to eat flesh, affable men haveto adapt assorted milk articles that will enhance the action of society. If one follows the brahminical culture, he will become competent in Krsna consciousness.


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