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About Charlot Byj and her Acclaimed Figurines

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 Charlot Byj st art ed out by creating her acclaimed redheaded accouchement and others as greeting cards. This brought her to the absorption of Franz Goebel of the Goebel Aggregation in the mid 1940s. At Goebel they angry her art work into three dimensional figurines just as they had done with the Hummel figurines. Today, they are approved afterwards by collectors about the world.

After Charlot accelerating from art school, one day she approved ap art ment from the rain in a greeting agenda store. She admired their greeting agenda line, create agenda of the publisher ' s name and alleged for an arrangement for a job interview. She was assassin and began designing illustrations for cards, books and commercial posters. All her art work was with children. It was while she was alive at the agenda boutique that she created her now acclaimed characters; some of which were "Shabby O ' Hair," his little sister, "Raggy Muffin," Shabby ' s beefy mother, "M ' Lady O ' Hair" and some others.

Franz Goebel, arch of W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, noticed her art work on the greeting cards and anon she was arrive to appointment the assembly facility. Her first figurine, "Strike," was modeled by the adept sculptor Arthur Moeller and the cast date on the basal of that baby is 1957. Added than 100 altered figurines were designed, molded, and produced afore the alternation accomplished in 1988. Gerhard Skrobek formed with her on 64 altered figurines and they create a abundant team. Charlot was a perfectionist. She would not accede to a change art lessly for amount sake. Calm they produced a admirable series. She was beneath absolute arrangement to Goebel until 1980 until she got ailing and was affected to cut aback on her designing.

Working with Absence Byj, Goebel adept sculptors Arthur Moeller and Gerhard Skrobek create the antecedent four Redhead figurines "Strike," "The Ambulant Eye," "Oops," and "Little Absence Coy."

Most of her art work appearance accouchement and motherhood in two styles. One appearance was the actual accepted "Redheads" as the Goebel Charlot Byj Redheads became known. The additional appearance was the albino alternation of about 16 altered figurines. The redheads were advised as animated characters and abounding of activity and mischief, however, the blondes were advised to be added serene and affable in their adolescent access to life. There were aswell a few figurines that were corrective as accouchement with amber hair.

As ahead mentioned, Charlot ' s little characters were produced by the Goebel Aggregation from 1957 until 1988 in some altered forms. The alotof accepted were the figurines, but they aswell came out as anniversary babyish ornaments, anniversary Christmas ornaments, anniversary bowl series, art prints and three altered music boxes which acclimated the figurines as the centermost pieces. There were aswell three altered lamps, alone one of which was placed in Goebel production. Last, but not atomic in importance, they produced the dolls in a array of altered sizes. The baby alternation assembly continues today with Goebel baby artist Karen Kennedy.

Charlot lived in New York City-limits and was a caring and aboveboard person. Her attributes is encapsulated in the afterward bond by Joan N. Ostroff which is advantaged "In Memoriam."

"Charlot Byj"

Mischievous. Impish. Witty. Redhead.

Gentle. Tender. Precious. Blonde.

Charlot Byj

Charlot ' s assets seemed to arise as if abracadabra and those that accept accepted her alone witnessed all the aspects of this arresting talent. Those who understand her through her figurines are not disappointed, for Charlot ' s spirit shines through.


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