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Zodiacs and the Cardinal Planets

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 The agency is the ' rising sign ' , i.e. the assurance of the zodiac that is on the border at the time of birth. At whatever date a being is built-in it is accessible for him or her to accept any one of the 12 zodiacal signs namely the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

It is actual important to acquisition out the acceptable and angry planets for anniversary zodiac so that at the time of anticipation it will be an easier assignment to assay the assorted combinations of the acceptable and the evils. If the antecedent is:

1.Aries: Saturn, Mercury and Venus are ill disposed. Jupiter and the Sun are auspicious. The simple aggregate of Jupiter and Saturn produces no benign effects. Planet like Saturn will accompany about afterlife to the person.

2.Taurus: Saturn is the alotof advantageous and able planet. Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are angry planets. Saturn abandoned produces Raja Yoga.

3.Gemini: Mars, Jupiter and Sun are evil. Venus abandoned produces actual benign effects. In affiliation with Saturn in acceptable sign, Venus produces an accomplished career of abundant fame. Venus and Mercury if able-bodied associated aftermath Raja Yoga.

4.Cancer: Venus and Mercury are evil. Jupiter and Mars accord benign results. The aggregate of Mars and Jupiter aftermath Raja Yoga. Venus and additional inauspicious planets annihilate the native.

5.Leo: Mars is the alotof advantageous and favorable planet. The aggregate of Jupiter and Venus does not couldcause Raja Yoga. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are evil. Saturn does not annihilate the built-in but Mercury and additional angry planets administer afterlife if they get maraca powers.

6.Virgo: Venus abandoned is the alotof powerful. Mercury and Venus if accumulated calm aftermath the Raja Yoga. Mars and Moon are evil. The sun does not annihilate the native, but Venus, the Moon and Jupiter administer death.

7.Libra: Saturn abandoned causes the Raja Yoga. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are inauspicious. Mercury and Saturn aftermath acceptable effects. The affiliation of the Moon and the Mercury produces the Raja Yoga. Mars does not annihilate the person.

8.Scorpio: Jupiter is beneficial. The Sun and the Moon produces the Raja Yoga. Mercury and Venus are evil. Jupiter does not administer death.

9.Sagittarius: Mars is the best planet and in affiliation with the Jupiter produces accomplished effects. Venus is evil. The sun and the Mars aswell aftermath acceptable effects. Saturn does not accompany afterlife to the native.

10.Capricorn: Venus is the alotof able and in affiliation with Mercury produces Raja Yoga. Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are evil.

11.Aquarius: Venus abandoned is auspicious. The aggregate of Venus and Mars causes Raja Yoga. Jupiter and Moon are evil.

12.Pisces: The Moon and the Mars are auspicious. Mars is alotof powerful. Mars with the Moon and Jupiter causes Raja Yoga. Saturn, Venus, the Sun and the Mercury are evil.

Now let us altercate the advantageous canicule and the advantageous gems of the assorted zodiacs.

Lucky Days:

Aries: Friday and Saturday.

Taurus: Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Gemini: Wednesday

Cancer: Tuesday and Friday.

Leo: Monday and Tuesday.

Virgo: Wednesday and Friday.

Libra: Sunday and Monday.

Scorpio: Sunday and Monday.

Sagittarius: Wednesday and Friday.

Capricorn: Tuesday and Friday.

Aquarius: Monday and Friday.

Pisces: Tuesday and Thursday.

Lucky Gems:

Aries: Blue.

Taurus: Emerald and Green.

Gemini: Chicken and Blue.

Cancer: Design and Ruby.

Leo: Emerald and Blue.

Virgo: Emerald and Pearl.

Libra: White and Red.

Scorpio: Red.

Sagittarius: Green.

Capricorn: Red and Blue.

Aquarius: Red and White.


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