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Runes & Its Acceptation - Allotment 1

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 Runes are as old as tarots. There is no documentary elements as to from if Runes accept been acclimated as a anatomy of divination.

Rune Cards

Rune cards are 24 one-inch squares of ablaze cards. On one ancillary of anniversary is inscribed in ink the anatomy and name of an alone bewitched letter.

Runic Casting Board

To use your Rune cards, you haveto create a casting-cloth or a casting board, on which to abode your Rune cards. A bolt heavily abstract or corrective with ' elemental colors ' i.e. atramentous for Earth, chicken for Air, red for Blaze and dejected for Water, absolutely adds atmosphere for casting the runes and interpreting their positions.

Significance of the Runes

1.FEOH: In air articulation - your desires are about to appear true and all your longings will at endure be fulfilled.

In blaze articulation - activity will become added abiding as business and additional relationships set up will become permanent.

In apple articulation - success will be castigation in every acreage of life.

In baptize articulation - things are about to advance and you will alpha demography absorption in abstruse and additional airy things.

2.UR: In air articulation - acquisitive the accessible opportunities will create your life


In blaze articulation - go advanced dupe your abilities and cocky confidence.

In apple articulation - abstain demography accident at any cost.

In baptize articulation - common surprises by abrupt visitors and letters from distance.

3.THORN: In air articulation - be accommodating and do not yield risks. Just delay and watch.

In blaze articulation - time to be thoroughly apprehensive about things done.

In apple articulation - be accurate of the decisions you create and take.

In baptize articulation - not at all a advantageous time for you.

4.ASS: In air articulation - acceptable affluence will aftereffect and abutting relationships will develop.

In blaze articulation - plan in co-operation and pay heed to acceptable advice accustomed by able-bodied wishers.

In apple articulation - decisions taken may accept a continued abiding effect.

In baptize articulation - co-operate with agreeing associations and yield actions.

5.RIT: In air articulation - you will face agreeable adventure; but do not yield it seriously.

In blaze articulation - do not unnecessarily create haste. Be patient.

In apple articulation - do not yield chances. Be able for surprises.

In baptize articulation - be wary.

6.KAON: In air articulation - you will accept ability and advice from others.

In blaze articulation - activity is about to become abundant fuller.

In apple articulation - you will be abounding of energies and activity will change for the better.

In baptize articulation - you haveto butt opportunities that appear your way.

7.GIFU: In air articulation - be barnacle on others.

In blaze articulation - you are about to attain your desires.

In apple articulation - added efforts are appropriate to attain what you want.

In baptize articulation - be able to seek other ' s advice and advice.

8.WUNNA: In air articulation - you are about to accomplish ample happiness.

In blaze articulation - altercate affairs with accompany and partners.

In apple articulation - yield what is advisable.

In baptize articulation - advice others.

9.HAGAL: for all segments - contest acceptable or bad are about to access your life.

10.NAWT: In air articulation - all your qualities of backbone will be alleged upon.

In blaze articulation - you will be casual through difficult times.

In apple articulation - abstain recklessness.

In baptize articulation - you will be accepting problems, which can be overcome.

11.IS: In air articulation - be patient.

In blaze articulation - yield abundant care.

In apple articulation - you may acquaintance a disappointment.

In baptize articulation - a time for thought, not hasty actions.

12.YER: In air articulation - be patient.

In blaze articulation - success is coming.

In apple articulation - try to relax.

In baptize articulation - be careful.


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