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Serene Interiors - Vastu Shastra

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 The alotof age-old science of architecture, which takes us aback to the Vedic ages, is Vastu Shastra. It is composed of assertive rules and regulations, which were accepted to accept been set down by the sages of those times and which were accepted to be followed religiously in adjustment to abstain any array of abrogating or angry influences. But, today it is looked aloft as a awful evolved, absolute architecture aesthetics in which admonition and shapes are the alotof basic aspects of designing.

Vastu is the science of administration that combines all the 5 elements of attributes and as able-bodied balances them with animal beings and the material. The apple comprises of 5 basal elements, aswell accepted as the Paanchbhootas. They are Earth, Water, Air, Blaze and Space. Out of the nine planets, our planet has activity because of the attendance of these 5 elements. The 5 elements can be briefly discussed as follows:

1.Earth (Bhumi): The third planet in the solar system, the Earth, is a big allurement with Arctic and South poles as centre of attraction. The Earth ' s alluring acreage and gravitational force lays its access aloft everything, whether active or non-living.

2.Water (Jal): It forms allotment of every bulb and beastly and is represented by rain, river, and sea and is in the anatomy of liquid.

3.Air (Vaayu): As a activity acknowledging element, air is actual able activity source. Animal concrete abundance ethics are anon and cautiously abased on actual humidity, air flow, temperature of air, air pressure, air agreement and its content.

4.Fire (Sun): t represents ablaze and calefaction after which the activity will extinct. All the canicule and nights, seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion, ability is because of ablaze and calefaction only.

5.Space (Akash): The apartment provider to all the aloft elements.

According to Vastu, the citizenry admiration and apropos the lords of the afterward eight admonition will be showered with blessings and benefits:

a.Eshan (Northeast): Wisdom, knowledge, comforts and abatement from all sufferings is granted.

b.Indra (East): Abundance and all sorts of pleasures are given.

c.Agni/Fire (Southeast): He gives us admirable personality.

d.Yamaa or Yamaha (South): Evils are waived off and advantage is showered upon.

e.Nissan or Niruti (Southwest): He eradicates abhorrence about our enemies.

f.Varun (West): Brings abundance and amusement in life.

g.Vayu/Wind (Northwest): He bestows on us continued life, bloom and strength.

h.Kuber (North): He is the aristocrat of abundance and appropriately grants us abundance and all the comforts of life.

There are some basal favorable and abortive admonition which we use in our circadian lives. They are as follows:

1.Water Bodies: In arctic or east are advised good.

2.Shape of plot: Regular, ellipsoidal and aberrant shaped plots are about avoided.

3.Obstruction: Big trees, walls, pillars and posts in foreground of a abode charge to be avoided.

4.Ideal site: In a aboveboard plot, the abode should be complete in the centre, admitting in a ellipsoidal plot, architecture should finer be o the south, southwest or west sides.


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