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Enneagram - The Nine Personalities

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 The Enneagram describes the nine altered means of interpreting an individual. The nine personalities are allotment of a animal development archetypal alleged the ' Enneagram ' . The appellation has been acquired from a Greek chat Ennea which agency ' nine ' and Gram which agency ' model ' .

The nine personalities of a animal getting are discussed as follows:

1.The Perfectionist: They feel the apple is an amiss place. I plan appear perfection.

Prime Focus:

a.Avoiding errors and evils and analytic for perfection.

b.High moral character.

c.Think right.

d.Do right.

e.Be right.

f.Compulsive plan amount can block out unacceptable feelings.

g.Anger acquired by unmet needs.

h.Worry in accommodation making.

2.The Giver: For them, humans in the apple charge my help. I am needed.

Prime Focus:

a.Avoid own needs and advice others. Appropriately accepting approval.

b.Pride in getting indispensable.

c.A faculty of accepting altered selves to serve the purposes.

d.Hard to admit owe needs.

e.Confusion arises amid the altered personalities.

f. anting freedom.

e.Emphatic affecting connections.

3.The Performer: For them, the apple ethics champion. I haveto abstain failure.

Prime Focus:

a.Achievement, ability and performance.

b.Competition and efficiency.

c.Poor admission to affecting life.

d.Convergent thinking.

e.Chameleon i.e. alteration roles and images.

f.Self deception.

4.The Romantic: For them, something is missing. Others accept it. I accept been abandoned.

Prime Focus:

a.Avoiding the ordinary.

b.Mood, manners, affluence barrier low cocky esteem.

c.Attracted to the affection of melancholy.

d.Disdaining accustomed life.

e.Wanting the best of what is missing.

f.Emotional acuteness and depth.

g.Feelings of loss.

5.The Observer: They feel the apple is invasive. I charge aloofness to anticipate and refuel my energies.

Prime Focus:

a.Preoccupied with privacy.

b.Avoiding emptiness.

c.Valuing affecting control.

d.The ability of knowing.

e.Confusing airy non attachment.

6.The Trooper: They feel the apple is a aggressive place. I catechism authority.

Prime focus:


b.High goals.

c All-overs peaks with success.

d.Amnesia about success.

e.Authority problems.

f.Suspecting other ' s motives.

h.Afraid to admit own anger.

i.Skepticism and doubt.

j.Identifying with underdog causes.

7.The Epicure: They feel the apple is abounding of opportunities and options. I attending advanced to the future.

Prime Focus:


b.Maintaining assorted options.

c.Replacing abysmal or aching feelings.

d.Charm as the first band of defense.

8.The Boss: They feel the apple is an biased place. I avert the innocent.

Prime Focus:

a.Controlling backing and claimed space.

b.Concerned about biased and power.

c.Impulse control.

d.Excessive cocky presentation.

e.Difficulty in acquainted dependency.

f.Denying other ' s point of view.

9.The Mediator: They feel the apple willnot amount my efforts. Break comfortable. Advance the peace.

Prime Focus:

a.Replacing capital needs with accidental needs.

b.Confronting cocky with accidental pleasures.

c.Ambivalence about claimed decisions.

d.Postponing change by repeating accustomed situations.

e.Hard to admit changes.

f.Can ' t say no.


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